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  1. To make that a little clearer, it's a link to buy the episodes. And apparently only available in the UK iTunes store.
  2. We could continue, but I won't. You pick and choose what you respond to, and pick and choose what you want to believe. If you open your eyes, and stop just regurgitating what you read on misogynistic websites then maybe we can discuss it. Until then I'm done.
  3. There should not be any problem posting links. The link is http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/comic-relief-2015-emma-watson-5330395 but that's not the complete sketch either.
  4. Circumcision does not significantly impact a man's life. The same is not true for FGM. Circumcision may have some minor medical benefits. There are no benefits of any kind in FGM. Destiny was just named "best game of the year". Destiny is all about shooting and killing. The typical gamer is young and male. Bungie is giving them what they want. I know of very few countries where military service is mandatory. I think in many less developed countries people may see it as a privilege, a secure job. Yes, it's mostly men that die in conflicts. Not because women are "protected from the dangers
  5. It's a common expression people use to describe a book, or in this case a script, that they can't put down. I suppose she could try to come up with another way to say it for every good book she reads, but why bother?
  6. More hot air. Your examples of sexism against men don't even make sense. drafted in wars, killed or wounded... Most militaries are dominated and controlled by men. In the US, women were banned from combat roles until a couple years ago. The UK has yet to remove the ban. And this is womens' fault? The Rwanda genocide did not just target men. The goal was to kill all the Tutsi - men, women and children. Nearly every woman that survived was raped. enslaved in military service - see above Men have a shorter life expectancy in general. Part may be biology, but also men are more likely to
  7. Here is an original of the yellow dress (with original persons face) http://www.buycostumes.com/ideas/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/belle.jpg and a larger version of the green cape http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/061/6/d/hermione_granger_by_judydepp-d4rgq9s.jpg
  8. So you think they will have a digital "Beast" rather than an actor with makeup/prosthetics?
  9. goldenmeadow, if you left click on the pic so it expands there should be an option at the bottom of the pic to save or close. Does that work for you? I can right click and save directly myself.
  10. That one is not hers. The real, verified one, is http://instagram.com/emmawatson She hasn't used it much.
  11. This has gone from ridiculous to offensive. Closed.
  12. I imagine just walking and twisting an ankle.
  13. Welcome to the forums!
  14. Except for the last photo in the post, which I am not convinced was anyone related to Emma, all the photos were either at public events or publicity photos. However I have removed them because the links weren't working anyway.
  15. Would be more interesting if they had Emma in them.
  16. Emma does not look like a hypocrite. There is nothing in any of this that should reflect badly on her. Or her PR team. Contrary to what Jonny is spewing out, the story about sweatshop workers is only 5 or 6 days old. The photoshoot was long before that. Coincidentally, the Elle issue also came out about 6 days ago. Coincidence? With the garbage the daily mail prints, I doubt it. There were stories about the Fawcett shirts before that, but it was about who would or wouldn't wear them - Cameron, etc. Unless Emma went back to Divination class, there is no way she or her PR saw this coming.
  17. Or you could watch the original I posted on the main website. I was hoping someone would post a capture in HD but I hadn't seen anything, so I posted mine. I only get BBCA in SD, and it's kind of glitchy at times. There was also a joke about since the winners were already known, they were going to add excitement to the show by killing off one of the winners at the end, chosen by television audience vote. Rather poor taste I think, but it got a big laugh from Emma and the others. Unfortunately, lots of "glitchy" right in the middle of it.
  18. That was the original url for Emma's official website, but as Jonny indicated it no longer exists and Emma no longer has an official site.
  19. It is part of a trilogy, so not really the end. I believe the movie did well enough they will complete the films.
  20. Hunger Games trilogy before the next movie.
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