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  1. Still have a look to see what is going on Still there Revan?
  2. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing with the Forum!
  3. Another fantastic piece - well done Elena
  4. wonderful! Thanks for posting
  5. wow Elena! you have done it again! wonderful!!!! thanks for brightening up my day
  6. wonderful images:)


  7. absolutely gorgeous!

  8. What fantastic news! we all need cheering up at the moment. Well done team-emma!!!
  9. Elena - cool! Let's hope you can do it! xx
  10. another lovely image! well done Elena
  11. great work - always look forward to seeing them!
  12. Oh my well done - I don't know how I missed looking before! brill brill brill
  13. Sushant - suggest you read the recent messages in this thread. I think you are barking up the wrong tree here.
  14. That's interesting news. And what lovely photo that goes with it. http://emma-watson.net/images/2020/06/Emma-Kering.jpg
  15. So glad the gallery is back on line! We need all the help we can get while we are stuck indoors .....
  16. Yes you did. It is now unavailable. IS this a temporary problem?
  17. Thank goodness for the pictures in the Forum. The Gallery site seems to have disappeared What's going on?.
  18. yeah - a shame we can't do one from this site but I expect there will be plenty of messages elsewhere
  19. Excellent! Thanks Elena, for sharing such lovely pictures.
  20. Oh wow! Thanks for bringing this to the top of the list. Wonderful.
  21. hey Gabby! Thanks for the news. Keep up the good work, something to look forward to in 2018.
  22. Like the others have said, the awards themselves are usually a waste of time,but the pictures of Emma in her lovely dresses, when she does turn up, make it all worthwhile!
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