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  1. Thank you ... I never saw it from that point.
  2. I was thinking about this for years now and I didn't find an answer. Maybe someone in this forum will have one. We all now that in Harry Potter an Half-Blood has an muggle and a witch/wizard as parents. Voldemort = muggle + witch Snape = muggle + witch What about Harry? His parents are both were magical. We all know that Lily has muggle parents but she is a witch and James Potter also a wizard. So I don't understand why all people say that Harry is a Half-Blood like Snape and Voldemort. Maybe he is 1/4 a muggle and 3/4 a wizard. I hope it isn't that confusing.
  3. she looks gorgeous ... and somebody says it's burberry but i'm not sure
  4. watching the Bafta red carpet at BBC World Rupert looks gorgeous *__*
  5. I can't remember the exact day, but it was, when Goblet of Fire came out in Germany. I saw lots of posters all over favourite book store and at this time i HATED Harry Potter. All kids were talking about and at school a friend of mine made a presentation about the first book and it was annoying. This day was really really hard for me. I had to go to the dentist, it was rainy and cold ... and in the evening I spoke with my best friend and she was telling about Harry Potter too. I HATED it. The next day my mum bought book two for me. I read it in one day. After that book three and four and at
  6. Snitchseeker postet on their twitter this pic Do you think Emma will attend the BAFTAs this year?
  7. hi H/Hr-Shipper I think this is such a beautiful pic of Dan/Emma Harry/Hermione ... love the chemestry between them larger version --> http://watsondaily.free.fr/photos/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=54&pos=2
  8. http://www.facebook.com/HarryPotterUK?v=app_182946965072143 I think Emma is really sweet in this short video. What do you think?
  9. these pics of Hermione are adorable *____* I also found a new one
  10. Hey, I've found some new pics from the Deathly Hallows premiere in London. I love this one <33
  11. A new photoshoot with Emma ... she looks gorgeous *__* LINK
  12. Do you think it's real or fake? Spoiler!!!! http://phoenixweasley.tumblr.com/post/2756096358/rupelover-omg-is-this-real
  13. Sometimes I hate it ... I can't watch this video >.< ... wrong country ... I hate it >.<
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