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  1. I don't tend to drink it just as milk, but will have it in tea, coffee, hot chocolate and things like rice pudding
  2. I was actually disappointed in it, personally it felt like they decided they'd used too many zombies in the first episode and then backed down on the zombie-ness after that. I felt it got duller as the series went on (I've only seen the first series) which is a shame as I had really high hopes for it, maybe that was my problem I had too high expectations for it. I'm a bit fed up of zombie films/series which go for the whole *but humans are actually the monsters and not the zombies* thing, its been over done in my opinion. I would watch the next series if I get chance though. Def think the comi
  3. 1. PhotoPhantom 2. Andrew 3. DeltaFoxtrotLima 4. 130671 5. Provehito In Altum 6. Xx:David.xX 7. mischief.managed 8. sirbenedictvs 9. Flying Kiwi 10.
  4. Thanks Jade, and thanks I appreciate that you'd mail them if you didn't need them I'll have a look next time I'm in town. I've bid on a CGP one on ebay, as they're the ones Ash uses for his students as well (shame he's a science teacher really lol) Have to see how much it goes for though. One big releif is after going in today I'm definatly just observing for the first lesson or two so I'll be able to get an idea of what we're doing lol.
  5. Thanks, I'll have a look at the past papers, my boyfriends going to ask at his school about revision books to see if we can get some free, he's a science teacher so hopefully he'll be able to get some. otherwise I don't mind paying for some... I'll look at those ones you mentioned
  6. Hi everyone, I got an A in my GCSE Maths and I'm going to be starting voluntary work in a school soon, they want me to work in the Maths department and if I get on well it looks like it would possibly turn into a perminant thing with some teaching training in there. My only issue is, I haven't done Maths for 5 years + does anyone know a good book to just remind myself of the GCSE or equivalent mathematics. I don't want to start looking like a complete idiot.
  7. The first person I really got talking to was a girl called Kim, don't think she's on here now though, as for people who are here now, I don't remember who the first one who I spoke to was.... :/
  8. I quite like the pop ones, I was just thinking I don't see the point of punk goes classic rock.... but listening to died in your arms tonight-my future lies and its very very good. not saying its better then the original but it doesn't have to be, it works.
  9. Breakfast-cheesy beans on toast Dinner-Pasta with natural yogurt, beetroot, pickled onions, tomatoes and cucumber Tea-veggie chilli and rice Snacks-hot chocolate, cereal bar, pear, oranges and chocolate mousse, banana
  10. I went to school with a boy who wanted to be a girl, I knew him before he sort of came out (if you can use that term in this case) but not very well, I then got to know him better when he was open about what he was and was there through the transition period of Daniel to Tanya.
  11. I feel I added quite a lot to the discussion really Yes I do hate them and I admitted that, but I didn't just express my hate. I do admire their showmanship, like I say-they defiantly did put on a very good show. I just personally do not appreciate their music (the two songs I mentioned are okay, but I just think they're overrated). Although its not a good point about them, I also just pointed out that despite their ability to put on a good show, they didn't actually perform their own songs very well. I know loads of people absolutely love them. I just think its a shame really I suppose. T
  12. I hate them! I actually do, I saw them at Leeds fest and i will say they know how to put on a show, but they did not preform their songs well at all, plus their songs were very dull, my boyfriend claims that they have two good songs but they didn't preform them well, but i think thats giving them a little too much credit. The kill and kings and queens are okay songs, but jesus christ they are dull, which is shocking considering they are the best songs they have. As for them taking a break, it makes sense considering jarred leto does it makes sense that they would have to go for long periods
  13. I was 13 when it happened, I remember going into my form class and everyone was huddled around a radio (well actually I think it was someones phone and they'd put the radio on it) I realised something was going on as it was a weird situation to walk into, but I didn't get the full extent of what had happened until I got home that afternoon and saw the TV. It's terrible, I get a sinking feeling every time I hear about it or see any footage It's so sad and my heart goes out to all the families of the people who lost their lives. I can't believe its been 10 years.
  14. Watched I spit on your grave and sucker punch last night
  15. Attempting to make a baked chocolate cheesecake.... its in the oven now and we won't be eating it until tomorrow... I'll let you know how it goes...
  16. It's way too fluffy for a lab and yeah facial features aren't right. I know what type it is, (I think) but I can't remember what they're called gah!!! they're quite small dogs when they're grown
  17. flying kiwi


    ^^Haha-that's great
  18. Aghhh I hate River, I was hoping they'd change the actress as she'd have to get younger, but I suppose that's the last we'll see of her now. I didn't mind her at first, but I think they over did the ooo who is she? and it annoyed me when she was all like ''ahhh look at me out-doctoring the doctor''
  19. Really good episode this week too, not as creepy as some people on my facebook said, but still a little creepy....I liked
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