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    #Actors:Rupert Grint,Dan Stevens,James McAvoy etc. #Actresses:Emma Watson,Anne Hathaway etc. #Music:Jazz,Jonas Brothers etc. #Others:languages,Cristiano Ronaldo,Manchester United,George Orwell,Downtown Abbey etc. To be continued...

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  1. My aunt went back from Spain and bought me a gorgeous bag.I can never resist the temptation of bags:P
  2. cant remember.It actually has been ages since my last sign-up.I actually had met lots of nice people at the old forum when I was about 14 or 15 and many of them dont come here regularly.I even forgot my password and username of this forum today.But anyway,Im back:D!!!Hi everyone,Im Mia:D
  3. I was shocked badly when I first heard the news.She had got incredible voice that hardly can people reach her level.R.I.P
  4. Oh really,Im sorry to hear you missed the application.Because exchange program is a good way to expand horizon.I applied the program in my school and flew to France last summer.And I really had a nice time there taking courses,tourring around and picking up some French. I know many Chinese students pour in to the United States.Not quite clear about the precise number in mainland China of overseas students,but I believe that 30% students around me here in Shanghai have the will to go overseas(US is a destination for most of them)My cousin is in Purdue.He started his American studying life whe
  5. Mia

    Favorite Books

    Apart from Harry Potter series,I believe it to be Animal Farm by George Orwell.Quite an old one,but it does provok imagination.
  6. -Downtown Abbey(Mathew Crawley<3) -Cristiano Ronaldo -Westlife -Pasta
  7. Hello everyone! I thought this topic should be placed in school section,but General Chat seems to get more people.So I post it here.I dont mind you shift or delete it if it is not suitable here.This thread is created to find language partners. I went to Spain last summer,and became quite interested in Spainish and its culture.But I know no Spainish people around me to teach their language and back to Shanghai with a litte regret. So Im wondering if anyone here from Spain or speaks Spainish as first language and have interest to communicate.Please pm me.I dont use the language for some urgen
  8. Laziness to study and a strong will to pass the exams.That's auwfully greedy isnt it?!
  9. Yeah I quite agree with you.I dont like the academic atomosphere here in my university,so I finally made decision to get a master degree overseas after graduation,probably in Australia.
  10. yeah.agreed!what you see is quite superficial.And you will never know whats behind the screen
  11. just back from school and killing time on the internet to find something fun to read.
  12. I have books and DVDs but not all.
  13. it must be a rumor,because i heard another version with the result that she was happy. but anyway,it looks funny.thanks for sharing Dave.
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