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  1. Doctor Who I Love Lucy The Honeymooners The Jeffersons Sanford and Son My Favorite Martian I Dream of Jeannie The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Glee The New Girl America's Next Top Model So You Think You Can Dance Star Trek the Original Series Speed Racer America's Got Talent Britain's Got Talent Make it Or Break it Fawlty Towers Bewitched Monty Python's Flying Circus Iron Chef America I think I've pretty much listed all the shows I watch haha but I am addicted to them all.
  2. I'm a Marvel and DC Comics fan. I loved the Avengers! I want to see it again. ^ I really hope Tom Hiddleston signed on for more of the movies because I adore him and he needs to keep being Loki. So excited for Thor 2 I can't wait I am just dying to see it!
  3. Tron. Didn't fall asleep but couldn't wait until Pirates 4 was over because it was so boring.
  4. 17...since May 21st. Not looking forward to getting older next year...
  5. Thanks! I am a huge Marvel fan and I'm also a DC comics fan. And I loove Loki haha. Thanks Snow White!
  6. He looks great. I can't wait to see his next project! Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe have been confirmed as the stars of a new U.K. comedy drama miniseries based on a Russian novel in which they both play the same character. The pair feature in "A Young Doctor's Notebook," a four-part skein inspired by a collection of short stories by Russian writer and playwright Mikhail Bulgakov set during the Russian Revolution. Hamm takes the role of the older doctor, who has a series of bleakly comic exchanges with his younger self, portrayed by Radcliffe. As we know, Mikhail Bulgakov wrote The Mas
  7. I am going to see it as soon as I can I am very excited about it! I love Michael Fassbender.
  8. Thanks Boma! I am too lazy to change it haha. I have two more.
  9. You are gorgeous!! I am in love with your hair.
  10. So tone the colours, get rid of text and find new picture? Got it :)I'm having major trouble finding a good picture of him to fit this graphic..maybe I should put someone else in it hehe.
  11. Thanks!! I do remember you by your pictures. Thank you! Yeah we should!! Aww thanks..
  12. Thanks so much everyone!! Here's my latest.
  13. Snape I cried soooooooo hard in the movie AND in the books. Dumbledore I didn't cry in the movie but I cried in the books not when he died but when faux started singing a lament.
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