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  1. Colors? lol thanks xD Last time the majik mustache makes an appearance then O.O my class was pretty easy to find, and thank you :3 <3 haha thankies xD your buddy is so cute! You're most welcome, and thank you so much @DarkLord: Looking good!
  2. Finding out how I can drop Cultural Anthropology -.-
  3. Good - Patient - Friendly - Good listener - Quiet (bad as well) - Able to talk about the most bizarre things (with people I'm comfortable with) - Creative - Considerate of other people - Sensitive (also bad) Bad - Sensitive - EXTREMELY self-conscious - Quiet - Shy - Pessimistic - Judgmental - I blame things on myself all the time - I spend too much time alone - Untidy - I daydream way too much - Easily angered - Indecisive - Stubborn I could keep going xD
  4. Back in elementary, yes. In high school I got a little more serious.
  5. I don't see terrible, I see very handsome I find it really unfair that you're still GORGEOUS even when you haven't slept. Pretty! I think I have a class in my college's library tomorrow Teh majik mustache returns D:
  6. I have my first day of classes tomorrow! >.<
  7. Pretty much anything on National Geographic, Animal Planet or the History Channel glues me to the TV for a while xD
  8. Congrats xD - Woke up - Went to get my classes sorted out - Walked around campus - Ate lunch
  9. ^ Hah, well the light is slightly useless at the moment xD
  10. Guess I'll just post pictures of my 3rd home. Everything. Because I had so much to do this month...haha. My Crested Crane painting. National bird of Uganda Desk. Wolves! My giraffe mobile That's pretty much it for now.
  11. My guardians were driving me back to college today and there was a lot of water in quite a few places. They seriously could have been lakes. We had a power outage as well, but it's recently come back...at least where I am it has.
  12. ^ Yeah. We've started to get very heavy winds in PA.
  13. Verrry pretty Haha, yeah I did in the girls forum Thank you. ty <3 I looooove your hair! Awesome pictures as always Not the best picture, buuuut I have bangs now. Now I look like a kid. The end.
  14. I love your room, Sarah! It looks so cozy And I think you bought the same HP poster book as me!
  15. I don't collect things anymore, but I loved collecting rocks as a kid.
  16. Awesome! I did this in Zanzibar back in May, could have spend the whole day in the ocean haha. Duuuude, leave some pretty for the rest of us haha. I have bangs now, so my hair doesn't look like this anymore :/ don't know why I went and did that xD
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