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  1. "Let's call it Steve!" "Steve...?" "It's a pretty name." - Over the Hedge
  2. That is the worst! I hate it when animals are hurt or die I've heard of "Marley and Me" but I haven't watched it. Pretty much every movie will make me cry, I always find something that will get the waterworks started XD - Dumbo (when he's with his mom while she's chained up) - The Fox and the Hound (When Widow Tweed takes Tod back to the forest) - The Lion King (Mufasa's death) - The Land Before Time (I can't remember which movie it is, but it's when Littlefoot's mother dies...) - A Walk to Remember - Amazing Grace - Fly Away Home - Tangled - Toy Story 3 - My Sister's Keeper - Up - Over t
  3. I loved MK and Ashley when I was younger. I owned a lot of their movies and I would watch them pretty much every day haha. Beastly got bad reviews though...
  4. I'm gonna add Selena Gomez to my list. She's not only annoying, but she can't sing live either!
  5. Hmmm...I'll be in Pennsylvania when she will be in Philly but I don't think I can go see her
  6. I have him, but not that song >.< "Turpentine" - Brandi Carlile
  7. I used to love her when I was a kid,but I think her old stuff was just a lot better than the music she is coming out with now. I listened to that preview of 'Goodbye Lullaby' on her facebook page and I think her songwriting skills have gone down too >.< Don't get me wrong, I still have love for Av
  8. I just discovered her work a few days ago, and her photos have left me completely blown away! I wish I could take pictures like her! She makes all of her clients look like models. Amanda K Photo Art I also wish she could fly to Uganda and take my senior portraits...XD
  9. Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone It's been a while, so I thought I'd post some pictures from a family portrait session back in January. These are my favorites: I photographed another family in December, so I'll probably get those up pretty soon.
  10. I like my eyes but I get really envious of people with green eyes (Kim)! I think they're the prettiest eye color.
  11. Jessica Stam Andi Muise Coco Rocha Adriana Lima
  12. Totally agree with your statement that Christianity is about having a relationship with God. I actually have that in my religious views on facebook : "Christianity - it's a relationship, not a religion." I am proud to be a Jesus Freak, and I'm pretty excited that there are a few more on here!
  13. I didn't actually meet her, but I'm pretty dang sure I saw Rachelle Lefevre at the Toronto International Airport. She walked right by me.
  14. Depends where you live? I don't wanna be an adult! haha
  15. mischief.managed


    Well, I don't listen to a whole lot of Metal/Rock, but I like Demon Hunter and War of Ages. My guy friend got me to listen to them haha.
  16. Of course, Jadey! I'll add you as my e-sister
  17. who wants to be my e-family?
  18. Signature(s): 01.mrr_madeline 02.ckravitz 03.BoMa 04.padfoot 05. Imagine 06. Sammy 07. 08. 09. 10.
  19. And I mean without having to learn it, if you catch my drift I'd love to be able to speak Portuguese, I think it's such a beautiful language
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