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  1. Just fell asleep when the emergency warning in my residence hall goes off for almost 10 minutes -____- yeah.
  2. "To keep brooms light-weight and aesthetically on spec, aircraft-grade titanium is employed in their structure." Looked up some facts, and I found that one pretty cool.
  3. Thank you so much :3 but that's my old hair D: thanks hun, and don't be jealous EVER xD Aww, you're so adorable! Ah well, I never ever seen a bad picture of you
  4. Hmm...I've never seen ANYONE live so here we go: Avril Lavigne Audrey Assad BarlowGirl Brandi Carlile Brooke Fraser Carrie Underwood Casting Crowns Chris August Chris Tomlin Christina Perri Family Force 5 The Fray Hillsong KJ-52 Kutless Lifehouse LIGHTS Miranda Lambert Mumford &Sons Owl City Pillar RED Skillet Switchfoot Taylor Swift Tenth Avenue North Thousand Foot Krutch Went through my iTouch and decided which ones haha xD
  5. ...for Halloween? I probably won't be anything (mainly because I have no ideas haha), but I'm pretty sure some people on here will be? Sorry if there's already a topic like this. >.<
  6. Aww, well you're not. AT ALL. :3m_sie: Can't wait to see your hair :3 You're really pretty!! I like your shirt btw This is a few months old. I miss my hair being like that. Maybe I should have just stuck with 2-3 inches off of it >.<
  7. Why do you think you're ugly?! D: You're so gorgeous!!
  8. Sitting in my bed and eating oreos. :/
  9. I'll be honest; I never really consume milk unless it's in tea or I have cereal. Even as a kid I didn't drink very much of it.
  10. Katy Miranda Kerr and Ali Larter
  11. I rarely buy swimwear (I hardly ever swim. Last time I did was in May), but right now I have a bikini from a Canadian brand called Garage
  12. ^ Haha yes xD come to think of it, I should have gotten layers done. The lady asked me and I was like "No thanks". Don't know why I said that D: Next time I get a trim I'll do that for sure.
  13. Saw this on her Facebook already She looks lovely! Can she ever take a bad picture? xD
  14. ^ I said earlier on that I ended up wanting 6 inches off lol
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