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  1. Wow. I didn't even recognize her! She looks a lot older though. And Emma... she looked so good! I love the whole outift and make-up.. Didn't see Alex in the pictures but almost the whole family was there.
  2. I agree SFM. I know she'll be promoting Deathly Hallows, but I hope she mentions it.
  3. OMG, yes! Stunning, stunning. She seems to be really enjoying her new lifestyle.
  4. I do a lot of icons.. you can check them out at my livejournal... http://aidaartist.livejournal.com/20713.html#cutid1 http://aidaartist.livejournal.com/19605.html#cutid1
  5. Can't wait for the interview to come out! Magazines like Vogue always have great interviews, and the photos are great too!
  6. Yeah, it probably has something to do with contracts and the fact that the movie(movies are not set in stone yet... We have Napoleon&Betsy that are not really happening, so maybe she's trying to avoid that again...
  7. Jett


    I love how their music is something you don't play as background music, it's very expressive and sounds huge even though only three guys play it.
  8. Jett


    Anybody here that likes Muse? They're my favourite band ever, absolutely brilliant! They're really great lads as well, care about their fans and the Muse fandom is a pretty amazing one too! They look like proper nerds, but they're great people. If you don't know much about them, you can read more about them here. Twitter: @muse I'm going to do a quick introduction of the boys. (From left to right,) Chris Wolstenholme (bass): He's a 31 year-old bassist, one of the best in the world. Highly respected and praised, but a very humble and quiet person. Grew up in Rotherham, moved to the
  9. Ah.. H/Hr were my first ship ever! They still have a special spot in my heart. I have really big problems with Ginny coming up all out of nowhere in the 6th book and Harry all of a sudden likes her. Didn't buy that, wasn't portrayed very well.
  10. It could be just a rumour, but I think that her reps would've denied it by now. Anyway, I hope this project makes it to screen eventually!
  11. I love your graphics - I'm 16 too, and I've been working on PS since I was about 13 or so. I love the simplicity in some of your work, it's clean but the coloring and little details make it stand out. Great work! (I use CS5 too!)
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