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  1. Green yoga pants and black Bebe tank top.
  2. I wish I had a sister, an older one preferably. Happy birthday, Ellen, and many happy returns of the day!
  3. Cabron! Where have you been all my life? =O I hope you still remember me; welcome back. :3m_sie:
  4. Girls: -Zoe -Grace (Grecia in Spanish) -Scarlett (Escarlata in Spanish) -Jocelyn (Yoseline in Spanish) -Olivia -Alexis -Megan -Bridget -Eva -Madeline Boys: -Mikhail -Zachary -Cesar (in Spanish) -Alexander -Isaiah -Xavier -Jeremiah -Asaaf -Nathaniel -Isaac
  5. Maybe an engagement ring? My baby chick keeps following me around like I'm his mommy; that's something to smile for. :]
  6. ^ Lovely pet penguin! XD I also welcome you my new pet (haven't picked out a name for him yet):
  7. I would LOVE to go to Canada! I think I might plan a trip this winter break or next summer, I've heard more compliments about Vancouver than any other Canadian city. One of my high school friends is Canadian (a total hottie too ) and he says the great thing about Canada is that they are very multicultural, that there is something for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, Canada is so large, geographically, that activities can differ depending on the province. It's very interesting how gay marriage and medical marijuana are legal. Oh and free health care.
  8. This might seem like a senseless question to some of you since we're already in the 21st century and society has come a long way, but let's not forget that there are loads of people who are still old fashioned and have opposite ideas. I just found out that one of my old friends from Florida is now a surgeon and she just had her first child. Interesting enough, she's also married and her husband is a stay-at-home father. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with that, but it doesn't happen quite frequently. Anyway, one of my brothers (he's the most conservative) thinks this is a bad idea
  9. I can't remember which Final Fantasy I played last time (they made so many of them over the years ), but I loved summoning the aeons. Shiva was my favorite!
  10. Oh man, Nintendo brings back so many good memories. I've practically had most of the game systems, but now I'm down to just my Nintendo DS and GameCube. I only played Super Mario and the Pokemon games and only one time did I play The Lengend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But Mario for the win! I'm currently playing Pokemon Leaf Green and I just bought Super Mario Bros 2 for DS. :]
  11. Stunning, loving the fohawk on her.
  12. In no particular order: -H&M -Chorlotte Russe -Forever 21 -Kohl's -White House Black Market -Guess -G by Guess -New York & Co.
  13. I think Arie's choices are still good as they're still summer themed; you can even put on your bating suit underneath the dress just so you can get in that pool quickly. I found this website which you might find helpful; though it says beach wedding dresses, I'm sure it'll still be appropriate for just a pool party.
  14. ^ Why thank you, my dear. :] For the first time ever, I did a colorization. I wasn't a big fan of it when I started, but now it's pretty fun! I also bring you 3 wallpapers. Eva Green Alexis Bledel Cate Blanchett Ksenia Kahnovich
  15. My dream man. Very nice wallpaper.
  16. Beautiful! I love the coloring on the dress. And I'll also like to comment on your avatar and signature; stunning as well.
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