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  1. Very breathtaking work. -perfect.shivers
  2. ^Thank you a lot Will. I appreciate it. [= *Fixed the link to ma showcase in my siggy. -perfect.shivers
  3. a bit about maself age - 14 fav.color - purple/pink gender - male interests - learning graphic art, keeping in touch with friends on the internet, social networking, writing, reading, doodling, dreaming of being a photographer, walking, music, blogging, answering formspring questions, just thinking, hanging with ma dear friends... [other]bio - I can never think of anything worthwhile to say, so I'll just sum up and add to what I said in my "interests". I am a Emma Watson fan. I admire her as an actor and a person, even if I am a guy. I am 14, and a normal teenager I'd say. I'm no
  4. I have a pet rock. ;P -perfect.shivers
  5. 46! =O We're loozing on da new forum. >.< -perfect.shivers
  6. IP.Board is gorgous. <3 -perfect.shivers
  7. Welcome Miki, I know you'll love the forum! ;D Oh, btw - call me Josh! =D -perfect.shivers
  8. Hullo, glad to see another old member. =D Call me Josh if you ever have a chance to speak with me again. [= -perfect.shivers
  9. Welcome Karen, hope you like the new forum! If you see me around a again, just call me Josh, ok? ;D -perfect.shivers
  10. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay. Call me Josh if you see me around. =) -perfect.shivers
  11. Trying to free up sum time. -perfect.shivers
  12. All I know that was I was a pirate, and had tons of fun with all ma friends. -perfect.shivers
  13. Very pretty colors. I wish I had time to make graphics or learn to anymore. -perfect.shivers
  14. There is like no time for stuff right nao. <.> -perfect.shivers
  15. Followed you. ;D EDIT: Tom, your link is broken. D= And a buncha other people. -Joshua
  16. Oh my, very nice! -perfect.shivers
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