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  1. I'm curious to see how she does outside of Harry Potter. I know she's played in a few other roles, but she'll now have time for more if she wants to keep acting! -perfect.shivers
  2. I seriously need ma laptop back. ]= -perfect.shivers
  3. ^Definitely, yupp! -perfect.shivers
  4. Hullo Brittany! -perfect.shivers
  5. Welcome, call me Josh. (= Hope you enjoy your stay. -perfect.shivers
  6. ^Your link is broken. ;D perfect.shivers Follow me please, I shall follow you back. [= -perfect.shivers
  7. Very bright and beautiful, such breathtaking graphics! (= -perfect.shivers
  8. Will, your art is the best. ;D -perfect.shivers
  9. Nope. Resistance - Muse -perfect.shivers
  10. Going trick or treating soon. -perfect.shivers
  11. Can't wait for trick or treatin! ;D -perfect.shivers
  12. Hullo, I'm Josh. Can I just call you Yulia? [= -perfect.shivers
  13. Listening to Muse. -perfect.shivers
  14. Head hurts like hell. >.< -perfect.shivers
  15. Welcome to the forums! -perfect.shivers
  16. Hoping my headache to go away. -perfect.shivers
  17. Hullo all you guest people! -perfect.shivers
  18. Getting on my laptop soon, and going to eat lunch now. -perfect.shivers
  19. Hanging out with sum special friendz tonight. -perfect.shivers
  20. 93 Oops lol. -perfect.shivers
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