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  1. Here, but I don't really remember my old username(s).
  2. I am 21 as well, living on my own and studying at university. I really enjoy it, making your own decisions that will impact your life in all kinds of ways. Looking back makes you wonder what you were worrying about when you were still a teenager.
  3. If you're an aspiring photographer you have to be able to talk to people, to instruct your objects (models). The assignment is an opportunity to work on that skill set.
  4. Who cares about City winning. It's all about winning on saturday so Spurs don't get their CL spot. Hahahah.
  5. Hahaha I forgot all about this video until I saw an article about Barcelona missing physical presence in the final third. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9m7m8_2t4Y hahahahaha "YOU CAN NOT COMPREHEND MY GENIUS!"
  6. True haha, I really don't know what he aimed at.. ^^ And to think Alaba's still only 19. By 23-25 he will be one of the finest leftbacks in the world lol.
  7. Haha CR chokes on penalty shootouts too often. Bayern without Alaba, Badstuber and Gustavo, my my Alaba is good! Bayern is definitely going to miss him. Either Lahm at LB and Rafinha as RB or Lahm RB and Contento LB. I so hope Bayern are going to play Van Buyten, his amazing pace will surely cause Torres/Drogba/Sturridge so many problems.. This is Chelsea's year! Ramires will be sorely missed though! Cahill and Luiz should be back in time.
  8. SO PROUD. RAMIRES,TORRES! everyone played for the team, RDM <3
  9. Haha I almost died when Pedro hit the post! Chelsea defended well though. One of the few to beat Barca this year! The Bayern - Real match was entertaining as well. Expected more from CR7 though, still disappears in the big games..
  10. I only saw the highlights of the Real game but it looked like a pretty fun (but easy) game. Kaka's goal was wonderful and not to mention CR7's freekick.. IMO when you talk about attacking 'sexy' football, you're talking about Real Madrid. Barca may play intelligent combination football but it's just not like Real. Chelsea was pretty weak today imo. Nothing like the side that beat Napoli in the home leg. As soon as JT came off they just let Benfica attack and attack. Ramires should've really scored though, Kalou gave him the easiest chance ever.. sigh. Really need to up it if they want to bea
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