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  1. Mine is made of two names: Annamaria. I was named after my grandmothers. Anna comes from Hebrew and it means "graceful, pretty". According to Christian tradition, Anna was Virgin Mary's mother. It's a very popular name in Southern Italy. Maria also comes from Hebrew and it means "princess, lady". Personally I don't like my name, it's old-fashioned and..."heavy". I met only a few girls of my age with this name...
  2. Ops! I made a little mistake. I mean she (JKR) stressed and not he
  3. Most useless comment ever...Luckily not all the R/HR shippers are like this and this thread is the proof of it. Anyway, I'm a H/Hr shipper since always, since before the movies. I just started reading the books and I simply preferred this couple over the R/Hr one. You cannot decide that, it happens, even if you well know it's not going to work out. Ron and Hermione liked each other, it was quite clear, but I always hoped she and Harry would have ended up together. They're like brother and sister and Hermione has always had a maternal attitude towards Harry, but...despite that, I think they h
  4. Lol It's funny to see how some of you wants at all costs to stress and make clear in almost every post that it has always been Ron/Hermione, making H/Hr shippers look like stupid or something... I mean, it's not a debate thread, is it? It started well, I don't see why you have to turn a picture war into a shipping war, seriously... Just post the pictures and stop. it's not that hard However...here's my contribution to the topic:)
  5. I'd like to live in Paris! It's my all-time dream! I've been there a couple of times and I fell in love straight away. United States is another dreamy place to live but I don't think I will ever live there unfortunately This country is very strict when it comes to immigration...
  6. I'm not travelling aytime soon unfortunately, but I spent a week-end in the mountains with my besties. I really had a great time there, a good place to seek comfort in when the city heat gets unbearable. Also, at the end of August a friend of mine gets married with a girl from Sicily so I'll go there for a couple days. Sicily is wonderful, it has many breath-taking landascapes, the sea is beautiful and the food is good! It is definitely worth a visit!
  7. My amazing friends! Thank God they're always there when I need them. I spent an afternoon with them and bad mood went away at once!
  8. I used to be: Chibiusa before the forum shut down. I mostly hung around the threads about shipping, but I wasn't popular since I was a newbie at that time. I'm so glad to see this forum is online again! I liked it a lot. The whole "atmosphere" is very friendly here and I really enjoy taking part in the discussions. I hope it keeps up this way!
  9. I'm about to go to bed. Tomorrow I'm leaving for the mountains with my friends to enjoy a relaxing week-end. Can't wait!
  10. Today I've bought a bag and some make-up at the mall. Typical girl stuff
  11. I'm a big H/Hr shipper I've been shipping them since the 3rd book. Too bad JKR didn't put them together I agree with those who said they have a special bond, something more intense and deeper compared to what they feel for Ron and Ginny. Is it me or anyone else also noticed that Hermione kind of changed in the last two books? It seems like JKR wants at all costs to highlight how Hermione doesn't fit for Harry...And at the sime time, she emphasizes Ginny's merits which, how odd!, match what Harry looks for in a girl So I daresay JKR created the ideal girl for him. It's not Ginny and he
  12. I was quite young at that time, about 10 or 11. It all started with CoS that my father found at the book store while he was looking for something good to make me read (he has always been a great reader and wanted to pass his passion on me too). The plot caught him, so he decided to buy it. Although I didn't like CoS that much, I asked my father to buy me the others because I was curious to know the rest of the story. I fell in love with SS and PoA which I basically adored and I was so into the books I couldn't wait for the next ones to come out! I passed down to my sister and my cousin my HP
  13. still haven't got my email too. I thought I had to wait until the end of october but as far as it seems nothing happened...I wonder how long i'm supposed to wait...This pottermore thing sucks...
  14. Hi! I'm Esmeralda, 23 years old, from Italy. Big Harry Potter's fan. Nice to meet you all. See you around
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