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  1. OMG! Rupert is just one of a kind and very talented. He has always been my favorite of the HP trio/teen cast and he is ofc very good looking-normally hehe. Rupert on stage with Nathan Lane.
  2. Wow-he is a funny,grounded guy with lots of talent. + I "love" that song
  3. Can't stay away from my favorite thread. Missed you guys here! Ahh I missed Rupes birthday! shame on me!
  4. I approve! Very good speech. Its strong and daring for such a young person to give a speech like that!.
  5. ..And this one sounds good too! My EW fan in me are growing!
  6. THIS! ( site need a like button!) I like the sound of this movie! Sounds really good!
  7. Yeah, I would read it but not yet-. in about 20--30 years if she still in showbiz. But that goes for any celeb-not to young.before that I'm not interested-sorry.
  8. I don't really have anything to add here other than to let you know that i'm still here now and then and do like it here and you guys always rock! + ofc i'm still shipping these two !
  9. She looks really cute and I like that her hair is getting longer. And the third one is really funny. Jennifer is such a great actress! And she also seems so down to earth, like Emma.
  10. ^^ AHH so beautiful. Thank you for posting/sharing! Kristine: I know! they are great role models and down to earth and caring, love that about them! its always good to see you guys "alive" and well here !
  11. WOW,Read this om the news! i always get a lil' happy to read news about the "potter stars" on the local station.
  12. Woah! Now I have seen this movie,the bling ring, I never really planned that I would because it just didn't sound like it would be my cup of tea, but it was on a cable channel and I thought I would give it a go-and I'm glad i did. it really was much better than i thought. and Emma did a really good job in it.I'm so glad to see that her acting has gotten better!! Her short-breathing and Hermione-acting only came through during the "interviews".
  13. ^^^^ yeah! That is just amazing!! itsgoing to be really great to see Rupert on Broadway!
  14. WEE! thanks for sharing! Ah like the sound of his voice + he looks soo great! guess I don't have to say how much i loved his answer! Rupert you rock!!
  15. CONGRATUALTIONS EMMA, WELL DONE!! I heard this news at my local station!
  16. This is odd..What I orginally meant to write was, and I HAVE NO IDEA where it "went", but: I fully agree with your post! But to be a bit "mean" to ms ROWLING,( I'm still a bit upset about her words in emmas interview)-but i still adore her for writing HP and as a writer so I'm kidding..)
  17. OOH I remember ^^ that! Cute video of them! OH Yeah,I have to hear Rupert sing as Postman Pat.I'll always support "my" favorite ginger. (i know he is emma's ..)
  18. ^^ This.I agree, I'm scared that I might get too much information about things that that she "changed her opinion about/or changed because of the movies or something.. I Love being here,you guys are R/hr AND Ron supporters.
  19. It doesn't which "other" guy she is with,or is next to-she ONLY has that glow in her face when she is with Rupert, and Rupert too, + heis always more "at ease" and relaxed when he is with Emma.
  20. Why? Because this is a rupert/emma shipper thread. It has no reason being here. so why don't you post one of Dan/emma in their the D/E shipper thread. Now maybe we should be house clean again and leave them guys alone. Time sure har moved fast! and look at us! We're still here! still love the Grintson!
  21. I've seen some really good David Hayman movies in the past (not counting Harry Potter-movies + the HPmovies aren't any of my favorites either.they are in the OK section..) so I'm a bit intrested in Queen of the Tearing.
  22. The first one! LOL. (though i've seen that, i think. rupert has big..feet.. right?) And ahh when they look at each other.. Thx for sharing these pretty oldies!
  23. They are adorable, and they're so close .
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