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  1. good thing fun is so subjective.
  2. oic and why would that be necessary? ^.^
  3. what is a breast exercise? be more mindful with myself lower my standards stop being a hermit I'm mildly succesful at all 3 of these already though.
  4. Playing in mediocre/ dowright bad movies is a surefire way to make people forget that she ever was a blockbuster princess. Her Stone Age clothes hug her figure nicely though
  5. It is. But I think there's little focus on Emma in this movie and people will only have some passing thoughts about HP if at all. It's all about deerskin pants and a giant ship and thunderstorms, oh my!
  6. I'm sure the audience will be bombarded with too many half-baked ideas to wonder if Emma is still The Brightest Witch of Her Ageâ„¢. If the movie is cut in a way similar to the trailers it might give you convulsions.
  7. Hey, be careful what you wish for. I'm sure they're gonna Game of Thrones this shit up anyway. So there'll be enough 'adult' content
  8. I have to correct myself: it is an AAA budget. http://www.the-numbers.com/movie/budgets/all Not quite on top of the list, but pretty high up.
  9. I'm old and grumpy at 31. Maybe Ems is the same at 23. After all, HP may be and remain the high point of her career...
  10. Think about it: If Emma ever followed a fangirl/ boy by accident, she could never unfollow her/ him for fear of suicidal tendencies. That or it's just another cryptic statement by Ems
  11. good thing Emma doesn't have to take selfies.
  12. Not a day younger than she does nowadays
  13. It doesn't accept blank URL tags anymore, it copies the URL into the tags. Which is a change from the problem I had before, where the URL tags would default to something like "undefined" o.O
  14. It's generalizations like that that I find problematic. I haven't seen anyone in this country who grew up in i.e. an orphanage publicly calling them horrible places. The situation might be different in Romania or the Ukraine, but then again not so much if you compare them to the living situations of people in rural areas there. JKR is a person with a big heart and a lot of money and she wants to put that to good use. I respect that. But I think it clouds her judgement a bit.
  15. I thought it's an I Made Up This Genre's Name On The Fly movie.
  16. Nominating someone for a few minutes of cameo would be even sillier. Which is to say, that might be it.
  17. uhm... I guess they're talking about Bling Ring? I have to say her deadpan delivery of Nicki's lines has some comedic value.
  18. Production budget It might not be an AAA budget, but what I've seen and read so far seems like a B movie. I'm gonna watch it just for shits and giggles. And Emma.
  19. The weird mix of supposedly realistic wood working skills and supernatural awsum smackdown powers exhibited by Noah make me understand why this movie offended/ bored all kinds of people. Also the choice of musical score seems like something out of an 80's or early 90's movie.
  20. Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_9Huh5AYYY#t=183 Watching a single man build an oversized floatable wooden structure is as lame as it sounds. Hope the movie doesn't actually focus on specifics.
  21. Locked the door @ 6 PM. Yes, I'm a grumpy old man.
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