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  1. is there a rule agaisnt double/triple posting? xD
  2. Strawberry


    hmm idk how to call it, but kinda gettin frustrated? lol
  3. YES i freaking love Katherine and im so freaking excited to see the story of Katerina Petrova<3
  4. So pretty ♥ one of me, most recent xD
  5. Strawberry


    i was in a bad mood earlier but i think im good now
  6. shouldnt this be in another section? ;o and anyway LOOK! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPD72scm_k8
  7. https://twitter.com/nizxSalvatore barely go on it tho lol
  8. what a coincidence, so was mine o.o
  9. doesnt it depend on the age too? xD im 5'3 and im 19 short for my age i think? lol
  10. yay i joined! hihi thnx<3
  11. annoyin :c lol hi it's denisse was in e-w forums too for a few years and uh hiii 19, mexican, student, no lifer etc etc etc... lol
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