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  1. Noo, no sequel to this, it'd ruin the whole thing. Almost all sequels in the world suck
  2. Tasha


    Coldplay is so good! I'm not really a fan, but they have some awesome songs..!
  3. A Theme from The Nightmare Before Christmas
  4. I have watched it a couple of times on yt and it's ridiculous.. I don't understand the moms (and dads) at all. Plus it's just so pointless competing on who looks most like a barbie.
  5. Tasha


    I adore Skins. It's fantastic. I should buy the dvds...
  6. Definitely went to see it, it's a rule lol And it was good, full of awesomeness inside stuff lmao
  7. Glee Friends Desperate Housewives Made Skins TBBT Amazing Race Malcolm in the Middle Monk Supernatural
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