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  1. Well yes, I'd imagine they weigh a lot more. Back in Philosopher's stone they'd have been around 5" tall, if not less, and now they're both around 6". They have probably gone from around 7st to about 12st. In Harry Melling's case he probably did lose weight, but I reckon Matt Lewis has sort of just grown out of it. Many boys do when they go through puberty.
  2. Stand up wise, I prefer Brits. But I do prefer American comedy movies, especially any with the Frat Pack in. Anchorman is just brilliant.
  3. I think it's just wishful thinking. Emma only sees them as friends.
  4. Bonjour. Je pense que la tour Eiffel est super!
  5. Yep, if England got it they had plans to do up Elland Road. It's pretty shabby now, could do with a lick of paint.
  6. Yes. I reckon it'd take weeks though.... but worth it. Would you give away your pet (if you have one) to meet Emma?
  7. As long as they don't get the rubber gloves out on me I wouldn't mind taking my shoes off of being full body scanned.
  8. I actually think Rupert has been the best actor in 1-6. But I reckon the other 2 have caught up for the latest film.
  9. I just can't see the Russia world cup being that great. The distance between stadiums is just huge. Would rather have seen it go to Spain to be honest. I think we're just spoiled over here, what with inventing the sport and having the worlds most popular league etc :/
  10. Could you post something that takes the mick out of the British in response? I'm interested to see what comedians say about us limeys.
  11. I don't think iPhones are overrated. Yes they're expensive, but all smartphones are. They are a pleasure to use, have very responsive touch screens, an enormous selection of great apps, brilliant UI, and of course great Apple design. They were also the phone to basically start this craze of touchscreen phones. Yes, there were touchscreens before, but nothing quite like the iPhone. My main criticisms are the rubbish battery (which is the case on all smartphones), and how locked down they are. I don't mind channelling everything through iTunes, in fact I actually prefer it to drag and drop as
  12. iPhone, it's good but the battery is rubbish.
  13. Well I just put "Philosopher" in to my computer dictionary and it says someone who is concerned with the nature of knowledge, existence etc, and when I put "Sorcerer" in it comes up as wizard. But it also recognises "Philosopher's Stone" as an entirely different definition, as a substance than turns anything to gold and gives immortality, which is consistent with the book. So it seems JKR had the original phrase to be interpreted as "Philosopher's Stone", and when it was published in the US, it was swapped to "Sorcerer's" and "Stone", in some ways losing meaning? It's not really important tho
  14. I agree with Dazza, in the John Smiths adverts. In particular the 'top bombing'. Never ceases to make me laugh. And for something more recent:
  15. Another is difference is arse vs ass. I love in Philosopher's stone where Draco says about Neville, "Did you see his face? Maybe if the fat lump had given this a squeeze, he'd have remembered to fall on his fat arse". One of my friends used to say ass instead of arse. I think he watch a lot of American tv when he was younger, so that's where he picked it up from. We have since heckled him and he has changed his ways . Nothing wrong with either way though. edit: oh and i've just reminded myself, and was hoping for an explanation; why is Philosopher's stone Sorcerer's stone in the US?
  16. I can see people going in to see their local doctor. "I'm afraid you have a severe case of Post Potter Depression". "Oh no!"
  17. I assume most of you have read the prequel she released about 2 years ago, but if you haven't, here it is. (And don't get excited, it's only a few paragraphs) http://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-potter-news/potter-prequel-now-available-online-to-read-updated-57160/
  18. 50 (I don't know why we guys bother, we don't stand a chance)
  19. (Elevator)-Lift (Candy)-Sweets Yes and how about Australia? (g'day mate. throw another shrimp on the barbie!)-Hello good sir. Could one grill a prawn on the barbecue for me please?
  20. Best moment? Paul the octopus predicting everything. What a legend Paul was. RIP little man. Worst moment? England getting dominated by Germany. But it was the kick up the arse we needed to get stronger. Although it'll take a few years. And 4-1 is annihilation, but it's no 5-1.
  21. Blink-182 Queen Daft Punk The Libertines Tiesto (quite a spectrum)
  22. Thing is that Emma speaks received pronunciation, and that is just one of many British accents. There are so many for such a small country, with such variation. I have to say I do like the geordie accent on Cheryl Cole, although not as much as Emma's. I'm from Yorkshire (can you guess?) although I don't feel like I have a strong Yorkshire accent at all. Although being from the north I do say glass, not glarse, like Emma would, path, not parthe etc. Emma's accent is just brilliant.
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