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  1. I have no idea to be honest. When I was younger I used to fall asleep soundly, then wake up the next morning finding i'd somehow done a 180 degree rotation overnight. No idea how I managed that.
  2. Trailer for the Christmas specials.
  3. Cheers buddy. Will get on that soon. I feel sending fan mail is a bit pointless at the moment when she's in the US studying, so I might just ask for a photo.
  4. I wonder what the hell she is smoking? (Literally and metaphorically) I wouldn't have a problem if it was, say, an odd cigarette on a night out. But this is just disgusting. edit: turns out its salvia
  5. What email did you send to? And what did you write? I've sent a letter before to the Leavesden address, and got the automated letter back and a pre printed signed photo. Wouldn't mind the new photo though!
  6. Well I know you like photography, birds and top gear.
  7. Agreed, when I have a day off I sometimes sit and watch Dave for hours. What do people think to the Rupert Grint interview?
  8. Ok, so I've seen a lot of talk on here about shows such as 'Glee' and 'Gossip Girl', whatever they are. I thought I'd try and cater a bit more to the males around here and start a thread on Top Gear. For me personally, it is my favourite show on TV. The chemistry between Clarkson, Hammond and May is just sublime and although they've started to become caricatures of themselves in the studio segments, in the longer Top Gear specials they just exhibit pure banter. The show is brilliant, and everyone can enjoy it. It's supposed to be the most watched TV show in the world, with an estimated 350 mil
  9. Well I work at morrisons and it's not exactly a small team. There must be about 50 employees in at any one time, so it's not very close knit. But the shop is split up into departments and the one I'm on has about 6/7 people on at a time. It all depends on which manager is on- if it's an older one then there's no fun, just work, but a lot of the time I'm managed by lads just a couple of years older than me, so it's just pure banter. I agree that having a laugh should be part of work life, as morale can be pretty low. At least I have consolation that I'm only gonna be there for a couple more mon
  10. [quote name='dazza_stoke' timestamp='1291838079' post='24143' I have been on the giving and recieving end of plenty of pranks and I can give as good as I take. At my old place we always used to try and 'tail' each other without getting caught, this involves getting a long piece of tape and sticking it on the bottom of their shirt so it looks like they have a tail - I once walked home with one. More recently we had a new starter, only 17 years old. I asked him to pop across to the DIY shop across the road and fetch some tartan paint and a long weight. He came back 40 minutes later, he had a
  11. Hey where did we go, Days when the rains came Down in the hollow, Playin' a new game, Laughing and a running hey, hey Skipping and a jumping In the misty morning fog with Our hearts a thumpin' and you My brown eyed girl, You my brown eyed girl.
  12. Home Alone 1 and 2. They're just amazing. Ignore 3 and 4 though.
  13. Qatar has a population of 1.7 million. I read somewhere that 400,000 people descended on South Africa this summer. It's going to be interesting how it is handled. I have no doubt though that Qatar can be prepared, as it is 12 years away. But yes, I'd have loved to see it go to England. Imagine walking down Wembley way for an England Germany final....
  14. When I was younger I used to love going on holiday to France and bringing back a load of Milka chocolate. It's just amazing. And even better, it's now widely available in the UK.
  15. I have a People Tree shirt, 2 t shirts, and shorts. All from Emma's collection.
  16. "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."-Winston Churchill
  17. Wizards are supposed to age slower aren't they? That would make the actors consistent with the characters.
  18. Well thinking it's a brick is subjective, but I don't think something less than 1cm thick is very 'bricklike'.
  19. Well I don't technically need one per se, but I don't feel like I'm wasting my money. If you buy something you enjoy, is it a waste of money? Mine acts as an iPod, phone, does all internet/facebook for when I'm bored on my break at work, takes photos, videos, is excellent to view photos and videos on, works as a sat nav for me, and plays games which are brilliant.
  20. It's not a brick. It's one of the thinnest smartphones you can get. Yes the battery life is poor, as is the battery of all smartphones, but what don't they do? It's true, they are popular, but they are brilliant. I'd say a fair amount of people buy them just to be fashionable, but there are people who use their iPhones to the maximum potential. I don't deny they're expensive, but I reckon mine is the best thing I've ever bought.
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