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  1. Is nice that they keep movie 2017 close to original animated from 1991. I hate when they change the movie from animated ones. They make this movie more feminist that only one think what they change.
  2. I got already few people. Interesting but I need more
  3. Agnes Szalkowska Hi guys Recently when I was doing research about he for she and gender equality. I got idea for how to show that we care about those problem and explain to people who don't or don't understand . We can also help he for she. So the idea is to make a independent movie about how to achieve gender equality explain what feminism is etc. 1 we need a story about main subject like violence, bullying, education etc. So that is actually in progress know I'm try write a all stories with a help a friend. 2 we need people who want be a part of that project. 3 the people who want
  4. Colonia supposed be out from 21 of January 2016
  5. "According to a source, "Emma is determined to distance herself from Harry Potter and this is her big push to be taken seriously. She gives an amazing performance and is being tipped as an Oscar contender. She is dowdy in this movie - she's undergone a make-under." http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/236082/20150831/emma-watson-oscars-colonia-dignidad-boyfriend-matt-janney.htm
  6. Premier will be 21 of January 2016
  7. Got my copy is actually very good interview Do anybody can explain to me why this freaky Vouge is soooo heavy;)?
  8. Feminism is human rights. Feminists = be treated like human being. Last time I check men's are humans too. This campaign is for women, girls , men and boys.
  9. This interview was brilliant. But she still is so shy after all this years This interview was brilliant. But she still is so shy after all this years
  10. I will be in London weekend after that event
  11. Regression- drama, thriller Colonia Dignidad - drama
  12. honesty who believed in second in this rumored about emma dating prince harry ?
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