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  1. It looks pretty, so I might. 19, 75 € for this dress? No idea how many $ that are..
  2. Olivia. Rachel or Miranda
  3. 9, she looks so good. Im glad her hair is finally growing.
  4. mmh 6 though she is sooo cute.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely Kimme. I love you <3 Have the most wonderful day ever.
  6. Awww OMG, I feel for you Hahah really Well I dont know if you should list some ... it might give away too much? If I ever decide to read the books? I dont know if I wanna know You tell me lool. Does anybody watch the Lying game as well?
  7. Arent they boring? Id be thinking that.. since youve already seen it on tv. And you know whats happening lol.
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