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  1. :o Id go tooo...... mm no idea actually. Australia?
  2. wow, she is looking good. i had no idea the film premiered already.
  3. no new episodes until january
  4. just a bit? are you sure its just a bit?
  5. neither.. having 3 convos with this duuude
  6. Plus trouble seems ahead. Im still excited to find out what happens next. I also find some characters annoying though, like Diana.
  7. ^^ I guess we have to wait until january to find out. But that episode was supposed to give so many answers and stuff, I dont think they'd let Ali tell that story if it didn't mean anything. OMG lol I WANT january to come asap.
  8. Are you talking about the sixth ep?
  9. Awww Arie you're right, so many questions lol. Ive read some comments online
  10. just finished that ep, gosh im scared now. I thought it was quite creepy.
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