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  1. Just thought you might enjoy these videos: (for once, some questions are not the same old ones the answers to which we know by heart) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7PLJsP3nuA
  2. It's coming out next Wednesday in France - w00t w00t!
  3. I love the pictures, especially the first one. FYI, the exact translation in English would be "we are crazy about her" with, indeed, a play on words with the verb "aimer" (to love).
  4. I think I agree with you, Dook...
  5. I don't think it has to do with being smarter with the paps. Women have it worse because pap pictures of them interest a broader spectrum of the population. Potentially interested people include men who don't say no to oggling a girl leaving the gym in a skimpy outfit, women that enjoy gossip and/or criticising fellow members of their gender and women interested in fashion who want to see what It-girls are wearing. I guess Emma being a rather high-profile, beautiful and stylish actress definitely makes puts her among the people whose picture is worth enough money for a pap to camp out a hotel
  6. I'm sorry, but no, actors are not "persons of public interest" in any way that would justify the world wanting, let alone needing, to know details about their private lives. Seriously, what good does it do society to know what club Emma partied in or who she had lunch with? None. Therefore, not a public interest matter. I also think you make a really wrong correlation between being an artist and wanting to be famous. Somebody like Michelle Williams for instance has no interest in being famous, or even having a good image - she only wants to do a good job in good movies and she doesn't seem to
  7. I've never watched Mad Men but there's so much buzz around this very original music video where you can see the cast "singing" (i.e. speaking the lyrics of) "Never gonna give you up"... This must have taken a while to edit and the result is quite impressive! Link:
  8. I just burst out laughing picturing this
  9. I'm reading Anna Karenina and finding it highly addictive, I'm hooked.
  10. Thanks, Dook! Just watched it again thanks to you The payback comment also cracked me up. And her dangerous face... Then again the whole interview was hilarious! I do think the whole thing was scripted. It doesn't make it any less hilarious, of course, but I really don't believe the Hollywood industry leaves much room for improvisation, especially on those late night shows.
  11. Does anyone have a link (that works) to the interview? This one is going to go down in history in terms of Emma's promotion appearances... She was both hilarious and impressive - I really wish I had her moves.
  12. I have a question for Emma, but I'm not sure whether it's too personal... or even answerable, to be honest. But it's something I've been rather curious about for quite some time: "As both an actress and an Ivy league student, how much do you draw from your academic knowledge and your readings when preparing for a role or a scene?"
  13. Hi all, I have a special request to make as I'm in dire and urgent need of a talented graphic maker. To make things short, I am a volunteer for an NGO called Room to Read, that focuses on education in Asia and Africa and in particular on equal access to education for girls, and we are currently organising a fundraising event called "Namaste India!" - basically the idea is that, on Saturday 16 June 2012, in many cities all over the world (in Australia, Canada, USA, Egypt, Switzerland), yoga classes will be given by volunteer yoga teachers and yoga studios and all the proceeds will go to Roo
  14. Colette seems to always be so full of celebs. Last time I went, I bumped (literally) into Karl Lagerlfeld.
  15. Thanks for the review! I usually don't try samples on my skin or lips - you never who tried them on before you... But what you said was really helpful. Also, I love the ads that just got released
  16. Has anybody ordered one of these lipsticks? If yes, are they happy with it? I'm quite curious as to whether it's a good product(I'm considering buying one), so if you feel like reviewing it, I'm all for it
  17. The movie has not been released yet in France, I think it will come out in March (!). Literally cannot wait, especially since the hype is building (Golden Globes, Oscar nomination for Michelle Williams...).
  18. These pictures have a Jules & Jim feeling to them - loving it Also, sometimes I wonder: that girl can't miss a picture, can she?(Rethoric question) Somehow, she always manages to look lovely even on poses that would be unflattering on anybody else (the mustache one, for instance)*jealous*
  19. I'm in love with the dress *sigh* And Emma looks lovely as usual, of course.
  20. Neve

    Graphic request

    I love it, thanks so much!
  21. Neve

    Graphic request

    Just wondering if somebody among the amazingly talented graphic makers on these boards would mind using some of their (precious, I know) spare time to design an avatar and/or a sig for me with this picture: Thanks in advance!
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