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  1. Imagine started "Rate Emma's Outfits", so I thought why not a hair version? Emma's had so many beautiful hairstyles, colors, and lengths, so why not? I'll start, obviously.
  2. Three, it'd be cute without the fuzzy vest. (^^ That ink-blot dress is so gorgeous)
  3. Hot, because it looks good on Keira.
  4. Hmm, hot without that t-shirt.
  5. Oh my God, that's the funniest video ever. "I thought I was an actor playing a wizard, but really, I was a wizard playing an actor." I love Dan so much. He seriously needs to do comedy.
  6. No way, I mean it's pretty and my style, but it's way too much money. $18.90 for this print dress?
  7. ^ I know, I do too. She doesn't need makeup at all, so she keeps it very natural, or as natural as you can go with makeup.
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    I'm so flattered. Episkey
  9. Long time ago there was a cow named Moo. She was very ill and she cant walk but she had a blue car that she designed to move across the corn field, but it was a death trap! Moo had three cattle that unfortunately caught on fire and Moo had to pour her milk before the cockroach
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    Weekend at Bernie's
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