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  1. Hey I'm just popping on to see who's around, it's so sad to see forums dying since social media You may remember me as Dazza or dazzascfc and I was a moderator here on and off from 2004 (that makes me feel old!). I'm transgender and I started transitioning at the beginning of 2020 and it's by far the best thing I could have ever done for myself both mentally and physically. I have never been so happy! I've been on a bit of a ride with HP due to She Who Must Not Be Named views on trans people to the point where I nearly turned my back completely but I re-watched all the movies
  2. Thank you for the lovely comments Amy Macdonald
  3. Thank you.. It's far from my first though. I have lots more, not just of Emma which I will upload when I get the chance.. Here are a few more for now though Katherine Jenkins Katie Melua Mary-Jess
  4. Just something I made up... and now set as my new desktop background
  5. Amy's awesome, I absolutely love her! <3 I saw her in October at the Lowry, Salford which is a small intimate venue. It was a seated concert but she had the audience up and dancing along, it was an amazing atmosphere and the music was beautiful, her vocals were perfect. As soon as I saw more dates were added for this spring I just had to book up again, this time for Sheffield City Hall. Guilty most certainly not! Pleasure definitely! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38dLVIPWvA4
  6. Thank you so much! I get so many compliments on my make up, I love it!
  7. In the last year I have seen Katie Melua and Amy Macdonald live. I'm going to see Any Macdonald again in Sheffield in March
  8. I download a lot of my music from Amazon and listen through Amazon Cloud Player across my devices. But if it's an artist I really like I will buy the CD, I go to a lot of concerts and usually get them signed. The last CD I brought was Songs From The Silver Screen by Jackie Evancho <3
  9. Mumford & Sons - Lover Of The Light <3
  10. I really can't wait for Doctor Who this year. For me the last two series have focused way too much on the relationship between Amy, Rory and River Song and less on the Doctor himself. In the Christmas special for the first time we saw a more human side to Matt Smith's Doctor after losing Amy & Rory, it reminded me much of David Tennant's Doctor towards the end. Asylum of the Daleks is by far my favourite episode since Moffatt took over, it is Doctor Who at it's best! I love the introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara, we may have only seen her in two episodes but her character is a
  11. Thanks A lot of people have asked me what I would prefer them to call me and I just tell them whatever they feel most comfortable with, but I do like it when people call me Danielle. Eventually I will tell people to call me Danielle or Dani all the time
  12. Thanks for the welcome... again One of the great things about being Trans is choosing your own name... I didn't set out for a name which begins with D but I have always loved Danielle, I just think it's a really beautiful name. If my parents were to have another girl they would have called her Joanna so I will adopt that as a middle name too As for etiquette, there isn't really any, treat me as you would anyone else. If someone presents as female, treat them as such, and the same for male. Your words really mean a lot.. thank you! If anyone is interested in my story, you can check out
  13. So not only have I changed my name I have also been away for a while so I thought it best to re-introduce myself. Hi! I'm Danielle, most of you know me as dazza_stoke or dazzascfc (if at all) and I first joined the old old forums back in 2004... 9 years ago! I feel old! From 2004-2007 I was a moderator twice and had an amazing time, I met people both online and in person who I am still proud to call friends today. I've always been around but since then I have been back in spells as I concentrated on other things in my life. In the past year my life has changed so much... literally! I was
  14. Many of you may not know or remember me as I haven't posted here in well over a year. One of the big reasons for that has been because my gender issues have increasingly taken over my life. Like others have said, I hate the term 'disorder', and in the medical world it is becoming more and more recognised as a medical condition, rather than a mental condition. I am a Trans Woman. Growing up in a male body, I have always known that I should have been born a girl right from my earliest memories but I have spent much of my life repressing these feelings. I now accept who I am and I was diagnose
  15. Anyone here into the psychedelic rock of the mid to late 60’s? While I can’t agree with it’s influence (namely, drugs) this era produced some absolutely fantastic timeless music and a lot my favourite bands started out around this time. It's this music which also influenced the progressive rock and hard rock of the 70's, which I also love. The Beatles of course are probably the most famous, not all of their songs are psychedelic but they dabbled in it for a few years as did a lot of the bands in the day, The Rolling Stones and early Pink Floyd too. I absolutely love Jefferson Airplan
  16. If someone asks, "Are you okay?" you respond with: Instant Karma - John Lennon What would best describe your personality? Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ultravox What do you like best about the opposite gender? Oh Yeah - Roxy Music How do you feel today? Dreaming - Blondie What is your life's purpose? Hells Bells - AC/DC What is your motto? Suffragette City - David Bowie What do your friends like about you? Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix What do you think of your parents? Alive & Kicking - Simple Minds What do you think about often? Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine What
  17. We need to get a settled defence, our squad rotation policy just isn't working for us at the moment. hopefully the international break will give us an opportunity to work on a few things. It's fantastic we are doing so well in Europe, but I would rather it not be at the expense of our league form. After the break we have two must win home games against QPR and Blackburn, failure to get results in those would really put us in trouble going into the tough Christmas period.
  18. Danielle

    Pink Floyd

    It would be awesome, and could be a real possibility too. It really would a Great Gig (In The Sky) Dave Gilmour actually performed Comfortably Numb with Roger Waters on Waters' 'The Wall' tour earlier this year. I actually looked at tickets for that but there were only a few left near the back and for the price I decided against it. I so regret not going now. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/music/3579159/Floyd-in-the-Pink-at-reunion-gig.html
  19. Danielle


    I've seen Angela Gheorghiu at the 2010 Classical Brit Awards in London, where she won best female as well as performed. I've attended the Classical Brit Awards for the last 5 years and have had the pleasure of seeing performances from Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra, and Lang Lang among others. It's always a top night. I'm not strictly a fan of opera but I do like operatic songs and listen to classical music. I am a big fan of Katherine Jenkins (her early work anyway) and have seen her live on many occasions as well as meeting her, I am also big
  20. Danielle


    What does everyone think of the new album Mylo Xyloto? I really like it, there isn't a track that I don't like and for me that's rare on an album. I even like Princess of China feat. Rihanna. It's a little different but I don't think it's that different as some people have tried to make out. Coldplay have always tried new things which is part of what makes them great. I love 'Hurts Like Heaven', 'Charlie Brown', 'Paradise', 'Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall', 'Princess Of China' and 'Up In Flames'.
  21. Danielle

    Pink Floyd

    They will still be popular in another 40 years time, timeless classics. One of my first albums was Dark Side Of The Moon as well, I also have Wish You Were Here, The Wall and Echoes. Hopefully I should get A Foot In The Door Best Of for Christmas, i'd love one of the box sets though, I would need to save up for that.
  22. Danielle

    Pink Floyd

    With the release of their whole back catalogue digitally remastered, are there any Pink Floyd fans here? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPYs2avR7Pw I have been a big fan for years and I think they are a band that offer something for most people. I find them inspirational and mainly like to sit back, close my eyes and relax when I listen to most of their songs. It's like being comfortably numb! My favorite song is probably Wish You Were Here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN-72wAlw8U
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