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  1. hell yeah mix of ron / draco / oliver wood yeah
  2. waiting for some friends then its gonna be karaoke evening
  3. heeeey!! welcome to the new and improved forum glad to see you here =)
  4. progessive house with elements of balkan music I'm addicted to it
  5. Depeche Mode - Precious G'n'R - Patience REM - Man on the moon Frank Sinatra - My way Everything but the girl - Missing
  6. I have just woken up coffe, cigarettes, internet
  7. dude, not cool come on we all shared ours ^.^
  8. everyone remembers the allmighty enigma anyways, welcome to the forum
  9. maybe they're gonna be in hub1 - the place where they were hiding in children of the earth which was hub for the torchwood 1 (Ianto said that :/ )
  10. I want a box of smokes :/ but I'm too lazy to go out and buy it
  11. aaa you made my day again dazza I didn't know theres gonna be a fourth sesason can't wait Only, I'm gonna miss Owen and Ianto and Toshiko ). But still, can't wait for the season 4. btw I just got yesterday calendar with pictures of John Barrowman (yes, I do know that he's gay in a real life but I still love him ^.^ )
  12. thank you guys I had a drink for all of you yesterday night ^.^
  13. Don't you love facebook just or that? thank you dazza
  14. They are never played in clubs here and yeah, the covers are much better than originals
  15. I think nobody is excited as I am they rule ^.^ can't wait for their next album
  16. Ever heard of them? Probably not, but I would recommend them They're a German rock and roll band founded in Berlin. They became popular with rock cover versions of modern hits such as "Umbrella" by Rihanna and "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry. Main thing is that they are all passionately attracted to the lifestyle of the Golden Fifties, going all the way back to their childhood. Even the videos are black-white They sound like Elvis Presley you should give them a shot
  17. I hope its just a rumour Because she is one of the rare actresses who actually go to school and have a growing career
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