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  1. i could attempt that but cant guarantee success.. anyhow --- about this premiere thing. i am tempted to get a hotel now (because it looks like i might actually be going on my own) and was wondering if people wanted to share a hotel room, i found a travelodge family room 0.5 miles from leicester sq so within walking distance! for 60 so that would be £20 each -- anyone game?
  2. yeah but however it is THE last potter premiere, and supposed to be the best one yet and i AM making cookies....there have i convinced you enough now?
  3. i just booked a train to London for it, but the earliest train gets there at 11 am so i seriously hope its in the afternoon....
  4. i do really enjoy HBP for the Ron/Hermione-ness and also the little moments in OOTP aswell. So i got an email today from the HP facebook group confirming that I won and that theyre gonna email us next week with the location of the launch party and stuff. I get to take someone so I'm taking my mum. very excited, if cameras are allowed i'll definitely take loads and loads of pics!!
  5. yeah its safe to say im pretty excited. it was emma who announced the competition to begin with which is what makes me think that she may be at the launch event, especially with her postponing her studies...
  6. guyssss. i won a competition to get DH P1 blu ray limited personalised edition and get to go to the uk DH blu ray launch party in london to collect it....im seriously hoping theres some rupert and emma there
  7. Did anybody else here enter the blu ray deathly hallows competition on the Harry potter facebook page? They picked 100 people to win personalised limited edition DH blu rays and to go to the launch part in London. I WON!!! did anybody else?
  8. so been speakin with some buddies lately and decided that were gonna be crazy an take the train from Liverpool - London so it gets us there just before midnight on the 6th, then make our way to Leicester Sq and wil b there for like 12.30. anybody wish to join us? haha people will start gathering from 3-4am anyway and therell be people campin out anyway
  9. I reckon they wanted him at hand so they could have there own personal stash of ice cream at Death Eater HQ
  10. OK FOLKS its been anounced as being on the 7th julyin Trafalgar and Leicester Square http://www.mugglenet.com/app/news/show/4199 BOOK the train tickets noww
  11. Hey folkss. sorry i havent been on in a while been having a 2 week holiday in england hahaha Kristen is going to hit me coz i still havent updated my fanfic but I HAVE started writing i promise
  12. haha yes i should, however i live in france at the moment and i dontthink they have it here.
  13. i watched episode 1-10 in september last year... its highly addictive...as in i got through the 10 eps in about 2 days!!! I want to know who this A person is.
  14. faves are PHANTOM of the opera its my #1 fave - and also once more with feeling,sweeney todd -- amazing. and all the disneys.. when i was a kid i was in the bugsy malone mmusical soundtracks - deathly hallows, donnie darko, kick ass, pirates of the carribean,coraline,
  15. hey didnt know if i should post this haha. I applied on Tuesday hope I can help...
  16. im not sure if thats real or not.......... it seems to be lacking a voldemort shaped tsunami
  17. i may need to take you up on that offer if you dont mind? xxx
  18. oooh more pleaseee with loooooooads of r/hr
  19. ive got the dvd boxset - and also some of the films on VHS aswell as PS,HBP,OOTP, GOF 2 disc dvds all the books, naturally beedle the bard a golden snitch a time turner a framed OOTP poster Thanks to film wizardry i have a marauders map hogwarts letter ministry of magic ID card Sirius black 'Wanted' poster chudley cannons poster quidditch world cup program yule ball program burgin n borkes catalogue weasleys wizard wheezes catalogue OOTP declaration letters two sweetbox replicas from honey dukes Ron Keyring Hermione Keyring Dobby Keyring all frm lego hp
  20. meh just to let ya know. back in paris now.. I MISS MY DOGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  21. hehe its four months until i move back to the UK - which means after that only three weeks til HP....but im going on a two week road trip to harry potter sites in the UK before that -- so really its not that long away... its 16 weeks until the end of my placement. dang, it went fast. ive spent all day packing my suitcase *cries*
  22. it would either be the same as Molly Weasleys or a giant jelly monster no joke jelly/jello terrifies me
  23. lmaoo! you could say that I guess haha its just my friend is coming to visit and were both obsessed with HP but we hhavent seen deathly hallows again :P hahaha
  24. hey folkie folks! hope everyones allll good - im seeing DH again tomorrow! i think it will be the 7th time in the cinema hahaha! so insane....so insane i am. love <3
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