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  1. N9w currently reading . Those are real bullets ( about derry and bloody Sunday)
  2. MircaleNye


    Nope I haven't gotten it
  3. This weekend z stations have the chance to win 1000 airports when you spend $40 on petrol
  4. It's 14.10 but my body it's telling me it's 1500. We went off daylight savings time
  5. I've just brought the Noah dvd
  6. OK. Oh yeah just 15 days till her 27th birthday
  7. I'm going to a charity screening of it on Saturday even though I've already seen it
  8. MircaleNye


    Used to write alot but now I just read them
  9. I have 6 tattoos. 2 are my designs and are done by 3 different artists
  10. Trading sports cards Actually it was a copy of perks of being a wallflower
  11. I have a box with all the houses and the colours and crests on it
  12. I ship him with hermione
  13. I was a young adult when I first joint this page now I'm nearly 40
  14. I realised after I had posted it
  15. Graduatedo with a diploma and a degree in education
  16. Saw a pre-screening of beauty and the beast here in NZ on Saturday, it technically doesn't start there til the 30th. I'm going a again on the 1st which is a charity screening. Bloody awesome. I'll take tissues this time
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