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  1. U K

    Raindrops Request

    Yup it's great. Thanks!
  2. U K

    Raindrops Request

    I was wondering why I didn't see your request thread so I posted in your showcase, sorry! Hadn't looked carefully enough. Type: signature Picture(s): http://m.pimpmyspace.org/pimp/1/4b/4bddad17ba594de870f7.jpg Text: none Size: ~400x~170 Other: no border (if you can make it work with a border, then use one), please keep it rather simple as well.
  3. U K

    Sourburst Graphics

    Just make the image smaller, make the white part on the right longer, keep the colors. Make it like 400 pixels wide, and 170 px high. No text or border please, very simple.
  4. U K


    Cutest, thing, evaar!
  5. Sorry for the double post, but to be honest, if I had tons of money, I'd go with the 360, just for the bigger online playerbase.
  6. It's quite interesting indeed. I recently started reading Demons & Angels and to be honest, if I had the time I wouldn't even put the book down and I'd read it in one go.
  7. U K

    Do You Play?

    I love playing basketball, but I don't do it actively. But what I do actively is lift weights, I absolutely love it and since I want to become a personal trainer, it would be a dream come true if it did happen, cuz it's one of the best things that can happen to you: connecting your hobby with your work or even better, MAKING your hobby your work!
  8. Basketball: Dwight Howard MMA: Bas Rutten, Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva (not liking him as much as I used to though)
  9. As a spectator: 1) basketball; 2) any combat sport that involves fighting What I love to do: 1) bodybuilding (lifting weights); 2) any combat sport that involves fighting; 3) basketball
  10. I use my laptop or my PC and if I had a choice, I'd get PS3 over 360, both have their cons and pros and for me PS3 would be better.
  11. Like a month ago I wanted to play it real bad, but wasn't intending on paying for it so I tried the free version, but I had an error pop up, googled for like 2-3 days searching for a possible fix, and nothing solved the problem.
  12. Had it on Blue, which was the default skin. Now I found that IP.Board is the prettiest of them all imo so I'm using it now.
  13. It's actually really interesting to see what people like and dream of, shows how different people can really be. Using the chance to say it again: my aim is to become a personal trainer.
  14. I mean they're retards (so called and not in its literal meaning of course) for bullying, cuz it's a stupid thing to do and I'm sure you agree.
  15. I respect everyone else's opinions too, but I like how you stated it and others were like "omg what you're saying is wrong". Yeah, your point is very correct and I have absolutely no objections. Although I have to say that no, I don't consider a 6-7 year old getting bullied a weak person or personality, but the older you get, the more you have to stand up for yourself and I didn't realize bullying happens at THAT low of an age. I was sure that it doesn't start that early. Thats the thing I didn't consider when I was writing my opinion. And as to the quite lame expression 'survival of the
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