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  1. I have no idea how they do sort them, but if I was with those people who did the sorting I'd make a lot of changes
  2. *speechless* I used to follow that list but I forgot about it >.< Tina deserve a much lower rank she's amazing!! and where's Ellen Degeneres?? I love her
  3. Happy Birthday my dearest Boma!! You're awesome and amazing and I love you! :3m_sie: :3m_sie: Hope you have a great fun one!
  4. Happy Birthday Lindy!! :3m_sie: I love you so so so much you're the best most beautiful e-little sister I could ever have, have a wonderful birthday and a whole new year filled with new happiness and hopes and great achievements I brought two cakes since I couldn't choose and so everyone can have a piece
  5. LOL you guys made my morning! Big :3m_sie: :3m_sie: for Dina-neechan and Arie you girls are sweet and I appreciat setting me up with Neville :wub: Jon of course I won't leave you for anyone <3 but we're just talking about fictional mates Hmmm I think of be friends with anyone who won't be bored with me really
  6. Happy birthday Hun! hope you have a great one.
  7. Happy birthday Kim!!! *give a big birthday hug* Hope you have a wonderful and awesome birthday Hun <3
  8. My name means shining light I have no idea how I can relate to that but I like my name
  9. Since it's past midnight over here I just wanted to officially wish my dearest e-husband a very wonderful and awesome 36th birthday!! Here's a special cake Also I couldn't help to get these too! I really hope you have a wonderful new year that's filled with happiness just like you gave me happiness by being my awesome best friend and my amazing e-husband :3m_sie:
  10. Happy Birthday Kimmie!! :3m_sie: :3m_sie: hope you had a wonderful amazing day and hope you have an amazing new year in your life <3
  11. Thank you Andrew!! :3m_sie: that's lovely of you, you knew I was annoying Mr. Pumpkinhead with making him drive me everywhere and scaring him to death when I drive My lovely and dearest Lindy thaaaaank you I love so much!! Everything is amazing and you're just so amazing <3 :3m_sie:
  12. ARIE!! my dear best friend I love you!! <33 Thank you Thank you loverboy I'm sorry I don't know your name >.< Thank you Hun Carlyn The lovely Kim twins thank you <33 miss you both a lot! :3m_sie: Thank you Jen I did have a nice day Neeeeeeeechaaaaaaan thank you sooo much hun :3m_sie: the bleach boys looks sooooo hot! Thank you I love it and this will be my desktop for now! *hides it from Mr. Pumpkinhead*
  13. Awwwwwwwwwwww Jon :3m_sie: :3m_sie: you really are the best e-husband ever! Period and I'm a lucky old grandma to have you thank you so much!! I love the Naruto cake it's so cute! and our family looks waaay more cute! Lol we still do know each other even a little, thank you Tom SARAH my beautiful great grand daughter thank you! :3m_sie: Thank you Ellen! :3m_sie: And also thank you P
  14. really?? But they said they already sent ALL the emails, are you sure you put your right email?
  15. Trying not to fall a sleep at class for lack of hearing '
  16. Since I like bragging about how I reach 12 AM before many of members and now it's almost 1 AM and the 11th of october just arrived over here, so that gives me the right to officialy be the first to wish a dear friend of mine a very Happy and Wonderful Birthday. HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY ARIE!!! :3m_sie: :3m_sie: I reallllly love you girl and wish you a very happy and wonderful year and many maaaaany years to come!
  17. Hopefully soon you'll get in Counrt! :3m_sie: They say CoS will be out in early 2012
  18. Woooohoooooooo soo glad you finaly got in Neechan!! I knew you'd be in Gryffindor Also congrats Arie on finaly getting in as well!! *hugs both* I really wish everyone else would get in Pottermore ASAP!!!! Oh and you guys better be sorted in Hufflepuff only me and Mr. Pumpkinhead from around here are in Hufflepuff
  19. Not literary abandon the house itself, I meant they're abndoning their accounts sorry >.< I don't think you can abandon the house you get sorted in.
  20. I just can't believe there are some people that are actually really ungrateful for being in sorted in Hufflepuff and they're just abndoning the house or try to make it lose, it's just really childish of them. But still there's alot of awesome people supporting the house from other houses and I did make friends from my house
  21. I know no one in Hufflepuff
  22. OMG I got my email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got sorted in Hufflepuff >.< alright I'll admit I wanted Gryffindor but it's cosy in Hufflepuff
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