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  1. Ahaaa...so you DO come back sometimes.... :)

  2. lol now i'm curious

  3. don't u remember? the alps! skiing and stuff...

  4. lol...uhmmm....the easter bunny?

  5. any news about our most wanted new smilies?

  6. haha maybe, probably hard too see with all the beard in the way

  7. LOL even Hagrid?

  8. it's time that emma returns :P

  9. very quiet this morning

  10. hmmmmm....you know, it's kind of empty here without you...

  11. well its weekend already for me so i don't have to get up early tomorrow

  12. that was a strange thing u said

  13. so u screwed up with ur plaster thing?

  14. then ur lucky ur not here lol we're bound to get some rain, a bit of snow and frosty temperatures again over easter!

  15. yeah same here, just not having to go to work is a big plus though

  16. lol the weekend

  17. lol and what makes u think i'm the one to save u from boredom...especially since there's six others in chat

  18. good now that the WE is here...

  19. hey compressor how r u doing?

  20. I wish u would come back here and say something...I miss you...

  21. Well, should be almost half-time now.....hope things are going well for you!

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