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  1. I see. I can't claim to know it in detail, but aren't there instructions on who to kill in a particular way for certain crimes? Are you suggesting following that too? And if not (for whatever reason), how can you still follow the rest? Because at that point it starts being a matter of interpretation and practicality....and after that ultimately comes only the rule of men through the word of god as they they see fit to interpret it at the moment.
  2. So good to see you again. And the pics are awesome. More!
  3. Just turn the wheel with the red dot on it very far.....
  4. Maybe I just find it hard to stomach some of the hardliner christian attitudes you have...I have my problems with decrees from above which are held to be universal truths, it reeks of orthodoxy and ppl stopping to use their brains just because it's convenient and easy...how can you take everything that was written in basically the stone age as a guide for today, just like a lot of those followers of you-know-who-I-mean do?... I just don't get it, there must be something better even though I don't know what exactly... Otherwise, good to talk to you Joey
  5. Wow man....I stopped reading at the point where you were on about man screwing up god's creation....
  6. THAT is probably the worst thing they could do to her hair...and is that blueish eye-shadow?...around Emma's radiant red-brown eyes? If that is the new american I-dunno-what-I'm-doing-look, someone plz tell me...
  7. Well that colour is alright too........really like it actually ! Nice to see you back here, lotsa things must have happened. (and why does ur friend wear a black circle in the middle of her face....I bet she'd look better without it!)
  8. ^ Aw guys, that sounds like you have to spend as much on books as I recently spent on my car's inspection & repairs
  9. 130671


    extremely annoyed summer heat sucks
  10. I thought he would throw himself to the US-lions so to speak once he had all the media coverage.....like "oh, I'm the most wrongfully accused guy since jesuz....goodbye cruel world, the USA is going to execute me for telling the truth and everyone sees it....." I mean you can't get a bigger halo than that these days, can you? (at least in the eyes of some) Kind of disappointing that he rather wants to sleep on the ecuadoran ambassadors couch for the next decade or so.
  11. ^ Whoa....first one is nice...second and third one are scary !
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