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  1. If you don't mind me asking...where are u from originally? You look good but not exactly "swedish"....

  2. i'm ok :P

    you must have been pretty busy :)

  3. lol i thought it might come to this...

  4. sooooo...its hardness 4, and it does what its supposed to do.

    needs some getting used to, but i slept well and none of my bones are hurting :D

  5. true i guess to some extent...i never visited the emma-sections all that much so i can't really compare it to "before"...i get the feeling the "religion" area is heavily frequented and ppl argue A LOT there...weird

  6. Wow, I didn't realize stuff like that was happening in NZ. You kind of expect to hear only about things "the other way round".

  7. grrr chat is acting up again, won't let me in

  8. Yeah, got a new one....kind of what I wanted in the first place.

  9. Well so you're prob thinking about Australia or the US?

    What racial crap? Do you have problems with the maori or sth ?

  10. Happy bday Joey!

    You need to escape NZ? Lol must be hard with all the ppl going the other way trying to escape TO NZ !

  11. problem is, i dunno what to talk about

  12. yeah...did u do well in exams?

  13. Kind of strange that I've never asked before, even though we don't ever "talk" now ... how are you actually doing at university ? Do you like the change by now or would you rather go back ?

  14. this is an extraordinarily boring evening on-site....

  15. aww...i will...but have to make dinner first

  16. lol...u shud become more nerdy and read good books now and then :D ... that would help maybe...

  17. uh oh..... :o ......

  18. Never mind. It's not easy between u and him now.

  19. LOL....you here, what a rare sight ! :)

  20. I guess I can't (or shouldn't?) complain.

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