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  1. I hope things went well today!

  2. I'd prefer a nice thank you ofc :)

  3. I guess that means you're extra fluffy!

  4. Aww what a nice way to say it. Women are always so caring and sympathetic about these things...none of that male blunt-ness... :D

  5. Aww well my memory isn't what it used to be it seems. I could have sworn you won before :P

    I must be getting old...

  6. Congrats...seems like I'm alternately congratulating you or Jia :D

  7. hey there... :)

    how are you?

  8. You need to make more friends so it doesn't look as empty here...

  9. my stupid internet wants to go on hols again it seems :\

  10. oh and btw I hope you're doing well with all the upheaval over there these days...

  11. Wow, site staff...things are certainly moving on while I watch...so what's the difference between being red and being green?

  12. "I'm 23 myself, I love work, reading, buying books and music cd's. I cannot wait for my late 20's as I hope they'll find me married."

    For some reason, I want to know about progress in that area. :P

    Wish you luck!

  13. emmy i hope it went well for you !

  14. Good to see you back here.

  15. Wow you're back! Haven't seen you in ages!

    What have you been up to??? :D

  16. she did and i'm worried :o

  17. Ninaaaa whats wrong?

  18. it was good...no headaches :)

  19. hmmm....giving the masses what they want huh?


    all for that moment of transient glory....


    Congrats !

  20. hmmmmm sometimes you think faster than me i guess...

  21. dunno if it is as big an event with your ppl...but happy new year to you!

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