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  1. Yeah. Just thinking about her leading a life like that is....yuck
  2. It's grainy which is always a "bad" sign. Also the shadows around the face don't look exactly right. And lastly I don't see any reason why she would do a photosession wearing that thing.
  3. Are those false ear piercings on her right ear or is that part of her hairdo somehow?
  4. Lol she should feel honoured then to be singled out by you for (near constant) constructive criticism despite her shortcomings I guess. I envy your x-ray vision that obviously extends (beyond the standard spectrum all males have in that regard) into the realm of possibility and undeveloped talent to justify your continued interest
  5. Surfing, listening to music, having a drink.... Slashy long time no see!
  6. The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug (3D HFR , visually impressive since it looks more like you're right in the middle of a stage drama sometimes but also weird since it does not look like "Hollywood" at all somehow)
  7. Well I won't just follow some customs officer and one of your friends there and accept it as "ok".
  8. Right then. Your friend though needs some glasses maybe? Or maybe we just have vastly different standards. I mean I don't see that at all so I don't think it's funny.
  9. Well it's just a single pic, but apart from the obvious provocation I like that confident look in her eyes. Everyone grows up it seems... Jonny you have a problem with girls who like to do some funny posing ?
  10. No movie ever. Prob bec I choose the ones I watch in the theater very carefully and at home I just turn it off if I feel like its time for shut-eye
  11. Lol thanks ppl for enlightening me btw, I always thought the term "shipping" came from "worshipping" !
  12. ^ More like she is doing a Dana Scully impersonation from X-files. Like this one better than the original though.
  13. Luckily I don't have to do HW anymore but i listen to music while being on here.
  14. Looks mildly strange, but that someone next to you looks like she would totally scare the crap out of me Nice !
  15. ^ Wow, don't get me wrong but both of you (ling and jade) looking quite serious and "grown up" there Good pics!
  16. (Not a girl for the record) Ladies did you miss the "lonely" part ?
  17. Holy crap comrade Chris, what did you do, survive a suicide bomb attack on parliament ?
  18. Well in that case the roles seem to have been assigned very well....looking good and "right" there, thessalie, cooking stuff while the guys go about....important business....
  19. " Shame on guys who seem to not know the number of pizza taxi....
  20. I can't tell you where it's from, but I'd sure like to know who it is if it was NOT Emma. The combination of brows, nose, lips and shoulders says emma 99%.
  21. LOL we will probably never know. Would you want to see fansites dedicated to you?
  22. Had to laugh when I saw this - I got some experience painting models years ago and I guess even I could do better than that lol.
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