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  1. Hmmm I suspect an answer will take way too long so I'll just do as I please.... I'll hand out three. All for "determination" sort of. First one to emmy wemmy. For pulling through regardless of what was thrown in her way , even if it was a great temptation to be something different. Second one to my e-wife Tara. For leaving behind the things that were holding her back and starting all over again somewhere else. Third one to sammy. Who decided I was way too much of a problem to talk to directly and stubbornly stuck to that ever after despite my best efforts . Go figure.
  2. So Zain what you're expecting is someone who lives up exactly to the larger-than-life-image that everyone has created?
  3. It depends a lot on the makeup. She can pass for less than 20 if she wants to I'd say.
  4. Lol what's so girly about the cosmos to make you think that ?
  5. I'm not really into the details of this case, but I do think that following an unarmed person while being armed with a firearm and then claiming self-defense seems a bit dubious. People under pressure might do all sorts of weird things though....I guess that's what trials are for. I feel skin colour unfortunately might also play a role in this case.
  6. Hey there (e-)wife....I like what I see Really stunning, Tara !
  7. ^ Your girlfriend obviously has been through a lot....
  8. My mp3-player is about to run out of energy....and it's not a good moment to desert me
  9. Freckles! Everyone bow to the awesomeness of Emma's freckles! (And the rest too ofc...)
  10. LMAO Being twice that old is no guarantee that things will be better. Being young is always better, it leaves more options open. And not knowing where to go is still better than realizing you have gone in the wrong direction.
  11. Well I'd be lying if I said I'm not jelly....
  12. LOL you would get some credibility if at least some part of this work had been published yet...
  13. LOL What kind of rifle is it ? Like the stock in particular....very martial looking, but the wall decoration tones it down nicely, with the branches looking like they come out of your ears and the butterfly over your head...
  14. Sounds interesting. I wonder if it's pure fantasy or some sort of real-earth-based sci-fi fantasy?
  15. Looking at the raindrops on my window, having a drink and listening to music.
  16. Yup I'm late too, compressor ! Sorry! Congrats !
  17. 130671


    Lol and I should have paid more attention! Shame on me.... Mistress is right ofc, it's me. Phew I think I was not a good player. Time for Arie to find someone new.
  18. Nice. Was there some kind of event you attended to? (judging from the name tag I see there) Whatever else you have, your eyes and hair look as awesome as ever
  19. Uhmm....ok, massive fact-check fail on my part. Wasn't meant to sound bitter though, I thought you'd just do some funny retort. Sorry mistress
  20. ^ Lol Happy 18th bday Tomz!
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