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  1. Lol II this will take some time before it gets interesting
  2. NZer Kim ! I'm sure you did a good job behind the scenes.....in true -style ! Wish you luck for whatever is up next!
  3. Lol yes mistress you DO look like a person in her 30s... ....get used to it....the good times are over
  4. Oh Noes....more vampires.
  5. 130671


    Hard to tell with no pic !
  6. ^ Lol While I don't entirely trust your explanation Jer I have to admit you wear that pretty well.
  7. First thought : Looks promising....go on!
  8. Glückwunsch! Irgendwann heisst es dann nur noch herzliches Beileid...
  9. Kempsville leads with 61.something right now....glad to help you
  10. Great picture...cute corgi and beautiful girl
  11. Lol guys...if for any reason you don't want to drink, I definitely recommend it. If you can, put your attention to other pursuits. There ARE better and more important things.
  12. Hi ! I wondered where you had gone....good to see you back again though! Nice interieur there!
  13. Happy bday Jade! If for some reason there's any leftover curry sauce, give me a call....
  14. So the big day has finally come ...Congrats!...and I have some presents ofc... A cake.... Heels with practical secondary use.... A little extra when heels are not enough.... A bag to carry the above in style.... And finally a friend for you-know-who..... Hope you will get lots more !
  15. I think she won't have much of a problem doing a nude or partially nude scene one day (didn't she say so herself once?), but 50 Shades just isn't good material for a serious movie. You can either choose to do some completely meaningless tame movie...or go "all the way" and end up doing the p-thing. Neither is good for a career.
  16. Nice look there...ushanka looks a bit large, but you might grow into it Btw, the russians did produce several dpm-pattern-copies for a time, mostly for the mvd I guess...its called "smog" in translation, don't ask me why....
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