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  1. lol hi!

    nice to see u in the middle of the night!

  2. just watching some tv....and about to go to bed

  3. so *hug* and good night!

  4. LOL....ur giving him a hard time....

  5. Congrats!

    *hands big sack to pengu for all the dollars*

  6. Ur sugar......

  7. LOLZ....I try...

  8. Hope you can sleep tonight.

  9. Ha, that can only be you I thought...

  10. haha promotion would be nice...but we just get sent to another room...life ain't fair!


  11. Oh well its a lil smaller than the old one though we will be just 2 or 3 instead of 4 or 5...i guess i just dont like the moving.

    Do you exercise every morning?

  12. oh well...i guess u just dozed off.

    sweet dreams!

  13. Hmmm...you got me there! I probably should do some exercising/workout...=O

    Boxing classes? Sounds good....ever consider thai boxing?

  14. Uhmm...>.<.....yeah, it's either muay thai or kickboxing....my bad!

  15. Start of a new week...


  16. damn can't get back into chat!

  17. Well its tuesday, I could finally start working again after getting everything set up...and I still need a second head and maybe another 3-4 arms to get it all done quickly enough to make everyone happy!

    Did it cross my mind?...maybe for just a second... :D

  18. LOL....new office is ok though may get crowded once 3rd co-worker joins us...haha, maybe that dude is...interested.

  19. good to hear from you

  20. I just heard there was an earthquake on the east coast.....did you feel or hear anything?

  21. Hey dude....you didn't like my armadillo pic, did u? well sorry about that...

  22. Now this is really weird...4 members in chat and i can't get in!

    Wonder whats wrong now...

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