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  1. I saw it yesterday, and I thought it was alright. The movie itself was pretty dark and draining, I did like some parts. As for Emma, I thought she did alright actually. I did not like her in Perks, she has a way of feeling quite unnatural and akward to me with her acting, but I think she did a good job. Her heavier scenes were convincing and believeable, she really gave it all. I cant wait for Emma to take on more roles and improve as an actress, I would love to see her do something challenging, like.. I dont know, Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty or something. That kind of role.
  2. Fashion is a woman thing? The why are all the top desigers male? Fashion is for any gender. Aaaad Emma looks smashing as always.
  3. I was a bit disappointed with the movie actually, I loved the trailer and the idea, so my expectations were pretty high. I didn't feel any depth in either the characters or the realtionships between them, it wasn't dynamic, there were no strong turning points, and many scenes just felt so slow. It was like - party, stealing, party, stealing again, party again, blablabla.. Well, Sofia probably wanted to stay true to the story I guess. I think Emma did very well though, playing a character so far from herself was a great thing for her, I feel like it really improved her as an actress.
  4. I think she looks great, she did play it quite safe though, seeing as many other celebs went all in on the theme. Still, I think she looks stunning, love the earring.
  5. There is time between these occasions indeed, but not that much time, and it's still quite obvious she had a thing for short, kind of futuristic, colorful dresses with special cuts and shapes. Punk theme, that will be interesting. Then Elie Saab might not be very suitable hehe, but maybe in the future. Would be lovely to see Emma in a flowing Elie Saab dress for summer maybe.
  6. Anyone seeing a pattern? A pattern... hehe, ok sorry not funny. Anyhow, I don't mind these dresses at all, it's just that Emma's been wearing a lot of them lately. I would love to see her wear something from Elie Saab: Aww she would look like a princess. Or this? Keeping the patterns and colours but adding some length and elegance.
  7. I watched it recently and I did like it, did not love it though. I thought it was a bit slow sometimes, but in the end a very sweet/sad and beautiful movie. As for Emma, I think she was alright. I did think that the other actors were more believeable and natural, but she is getting there.
  8. pretty little liars, nailpolish, gym. wow that made me sound shallow haha
  9. Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows... do. not. listen. to. it.
  10. I agree with what MrsClaus said, using an eyeshadow instead of pencil often gives your brows a softer and more natural apperance. Use an angled brush to fill them in with tiny strokes. I know you said you don't like it, but try giving it a go again! The brush you use really makes a huge difference, if you have a brush it will give you more precision. I used a pencil before too, but now I'm all into eyeshadow and brush. As for the plucking, I'm a bit confused. You want to grow them out but still you keep overplucking? Maybe you should try to imagine your ideal shape, draw it on, and then see
  11. WOW that's such a great photo, Mr Handsome

    BoMa Graphics

    Awwww thank you so much, I love it!!! <3 happy holidays Boma
  13. I read almost all of it. Yes, I do bother, this crap fascinates me for some reason. I have apocalyptic dreams all the time, which are fun btw
  14. ^ Hehe, it's not actually about that we're going to die. More about the "new era" thing
  15. Martha!! you are so hot, can I have you?
  16. I would panic. then eat. then panic again. then get drunk and then probably get killed in some random way before my last day was even over.
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