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What are you doing now?

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[quote name='BoMa' timestamp='1311168928' post='133274']
Trying to kill a fly, STAY AWAY FROM ME.


Just finished breakfast, drinking my tea, reading a book, and about to upload pics from my camera. Might go out and walk around a town later.
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[quote name='sirbenedictvs' timestamp='1311253643' post='133820']
Eat some for me yeah?

Drinking some coffee, about to drive my sister to work.
haha. :D It's good to eat. :P

Just about to make another graphic.
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[quote name='UnNamed' timestamp='1311260011' post='133899']
Trying to use photoshop but failing :(
You're amazing don't worry. <3 You won't/don't fail.

I'm relaxing talking to my wife. <3
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