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Getting electricity by peeing.

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How cool is that? British scientists have developed a system to generate electricity directly from urine. Each year, there are 6.4 billion liters of urine in the world, making this liquid into a potential alternative energy source.


Researchers were able to produce up to 2.9 milliamps per square meter, with only 25 milliliters of liquid. The urine can be also used as fuel for autonomous and ecological robots.


So, you better don't flush the toilet.

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Very cool, but I don't think the problem is "where will the pee come from." I am more worried about where, and how, it will be stored. I mean, technically it could become "outdated" and start to smell worse than it already does :P . And, with more and more parts of the world becoming more habitable than before, viable options for a "pee plant" may soon have to be the townhall of a slum district.

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