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To Kill A Mockingbird

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We just watched the movie in class. It was good, and I really liked the court case just like I did in the book. I do have to say, though, that I like the book much better. The movie focused more on racism than Scout's maturity. I also really liked the scenes with the camilla flower (mrs. Dubose), which was taken out of the film. Also, I liked the scene with the house fire, and that was not in the movie. I also missed the school scene in the movie, which I thought was very interesting.


It was a nice film, though.



We also just did a mock trial pertaining to the book. For example, I was the lawyer in a group of four accusing the defendant, Mayella Ewell, of perjury during the Tom Robinson trial. The jury (the class) decreed that the prosecution (my group) put up a great argument, and we "won." The defendants called Dr. Reynolds to the stand. This was their mistake. I RIPPED him apart :yesyes: .


At the end, everyone said I will be (we were the first group to go) the best lawyer in the class when we finish the rest of the trials. It was a lot of fun, and I might go and post the questions I asked Dr. Reynolds here in a little while.

That is awsome! About the mock trial. As for the Court case in the movie. I liked it but the girl really annoyed me with poor acting skills. You really sence the emotion in it.

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I actually thought the girl did an OK job. She tried to make it obvious that she was lying; look at her body movement and eyes (aka body language). They show that she is lying.


I liked the court case in the book much more than in the movie. Again, the book went into much more detail. Here is a journal entry that I handed in for English class. It pretty much sums up my feelings toward the movie and book:


In the film, To Kill a Mockingbird, the screenwriter tries to port the classic book into a movie. On account of it being an especially hard project with this book, I will say that he did a very good job. I liked how he kept some of the dialogue from the book. I also liked his portrayal of the characters. However, I do like the book more than the movie. Why? I believe the book is more influential. In the novel, Harper Lee showers the reader with imagery and words that allows him or her to visualize what he or she believes is the true picture. For the most part, I wouldn't have changed much in the final script of the movie. I have experience with scripts and screenwriting, and personally I would say that I would have chosen the same path that the writer chose.

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To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favourite books. I have a treasured old copy that has followed me through the many moves I've had.

This books is such a good read. I'd recommend it to anyone. :)

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oh, i didn't even know they had a girl. Poor thing, i wouldn't like to be their daughter.


this book is amazing, it deals with so many subjects and issues ! I'm French and I did enjoy the fact that thanks to it you can understand much better a whole side of the American history and society. Plus i loved reading about all the tricks and games :) it reminds me of my sisters and I, a few years ago !

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