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Your 5 Favourite Songs

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In no order


1. "Up All Night" - Blink 182

2. "Straight Jacket Fashion" - Chevelle

3. "Ben Has A Kid" - The Devil Wears Prada

4. "Elderly Women Behind The Counter In A Small Town" - Pearl Jam

5. "Beg" - Evan's Blue

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I don't have 5 favorite songs, I think that's sort of impossible, but, nevertheless depending on the day/week/month/mood (xD) I always have a top.

Right now it should probably be:


Parabola - Tool (I totally reccomend Tool !!)

Schism - Tool

Vicarious -Tool

Nymphetamine (Fix) - Cradle of Filth (I'm not a huge fan of Cradle, nor that kind of metal, but this song is pretty awesome!)

Natural High - HammerFall


Tool tops my list simply because recently I bought 10,000 Days (Their latest album, well it's an 2006 album, but still its the latest)

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right now I got two types of 5 Favs

The rock type

The Older I get by Skillet

Awake and Alive By Skillet

Breathe In me By TFK

Beautifully Broken By This Beautiful Republic

An Epiphany By The Send



other top five

Hit the lights By Selena Gomez

Ours By Taylor swift

Just The way you are by Burno Mars

Talking to the moon by Burno Mars

Count On Me By Burno Mars

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Ne me quitte pas-Jacques Brel (I love the Nina Simone version too, a memory of when I used to do theatre)

Bantry bay-traditional Irish (one of the most beautiful thing I've ever heard, I discovered it in a hotel room at 3 or 4 am... Magical)

La bonne étoile-M (a song-memory with my boyfriend)

Fast car-Tracy Chapman (one of the best time I had with my best friend)

Let it be-The Beatles (love singing and playing it on the guitar with my big sister)


This is my "classical" top 5 ;)

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