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  1. Haha I'd rather be on your time anyways Lolls . Thankyou so much! I love you lots and lots. Thankyou Dina! I'm sorry I missed your bday . FL like a bit of an ass now for that
  2. Happy birthday Jen!!!!!! Jon beat me to it bet he was counting down the minutes . I love you loads! Have a good day
  3. Happy Birthday Emma!! I suck at photoshop so I couldn't make you anything sorry . I love you though sis, I hope you have a great day today
  4. Will be 17 on June....17th
  5. Old Topic I know, but I didn't talk to him (wish I did), but I walked right past The Rock (WWE wrestler and Actor) in the sunset place mall in Miami. He ooked busy so I didn't bother him. Plus dad wouldn't let me xD I was 8
  6. Austin!


    Fucking hell! I read the post wrong. *hides*
  7. Austin!


    Lolly? (Lollycakes)
  8. Actually what you said about PS3 and Xbox 360's graphics being the same is wrong. PS3 has better graphics but really only a trained eye would notice. This is because the PS3 has Blu Ray discs instead of standard DVD. I do, however own an xbox and a playstation and like the xbox a lot more. I actually haven't even played the playstation in months. The online service is much more smooth then the Playstation and the exclusives definitely are worth it. I do miss some of the Playstation exclusives like God of War and Resistence.
  9. The crappiest one out there that i still love even though I have proven it is slower. Internet Explorer
  10. Banned for being dperessing
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