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Your 5 Favourite Songs

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In no particular order:

[i]Age of Consent[/i] by New Order
[i]Spice Crackers[/i] by Camouflage
[i]Suffer Well[/i] by Depeche Mode
[i]I Feel Loved[/i] by Depeche Mode
[i]The Way You Look Tonight[/i] by Frank Sinatra
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[i]The Unforgiven[/i] - Metallica
[i]The Unforgiven II[/i] - Metallica
[i]In The End[/i] - Linkin Park
[i]Haven't Met You Yet[/i] - Michael Buble (for now)
[i]Imperial March[/i] - John Williams/ London Symphony Orchestra
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[quote name='penguin_girl' timestamp='1302714771' post='93107']
Who Says By selena Gomez
Love me By Justin Bieber
One Time By Justin bieber
Stuck In The moment By Justin Bieber
iyiy by Cody SImpson

Oh my god!, Stuck in the moment,iyiyi,one time,Love me,who says...you're a belieber:)..and you also listen to Selena and Cody..cool:)

Anyway,my top 5 favorite songs ATM:
Christmases you were mine-Taylor Swift
Dear John-Taylor Swift
The Girl is mine-Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney
Gimme!Gimme!Gimme!(A Man After Midnight)-ABBA
Born To be somebody-Justin Bieber
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