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[quote name='BoMa' timestamp='1292951815' post='31270']
aww thanks Marta <3
I'm not that really, I can be dark *which is my new wallie xP*
to be honest I run from reality by making things bright and colorful
nice explanation haha

for the 1st time [i think ever] i wanted to have wallpaper with emma at my desktop >_<
[i]fantastic[/i] job girl!
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@Brigitte Fitzgerald: yay thank you ^_^
@perfect.shivers: Thanks Joshua
@Unreal: Thank you Vi <3
@swarley: Thank you Cath <3
@Emma: I don't mind at all ^_^
@Stoga: haha, aww Marta thank you. That's means alot to me
@Surya: Hey *hug* I'm fine thanks. Thank you girl, glad you like them
@Roisin: Thanks alot
@Lindy: omg Lindy :lostit: *hug* I missed you girl. Thank you so much, glad you're back
@ckravitz': thank you, your comment means alot to me ^_^
@tangled: aww thank you


*look around* I no longer make graphics .. JK I'm just having a very busy time with my exams
I promise I will do something real soon, so stay tuned
thanks for sticking with a slow updater like me :blush:
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[quote name='Brigitte Fitzgerald' timestamp='1294691213' post='43253']
aww its okay, sits and waits<33
thanks stef <3


OK so Britney mood, I love this women
Love her new song *dance around*
Here I turned the single promo pictures into a darker mood


Leave your comments, and will try to make a wallie when my brain work xP
stay tuned
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[quote name='Lindy' timestamp='1294695962' post='43390']
that's a beautiful retouch.

although I do have to say it's a little too much of yellows for me. but you've done a nice job and it's brilliant contrast with the original picture :]
Thanks Lindy, I appreciate your honest comment

[quote name='Hermione' timestamp='1294697607' post='43419']
I love your retouch. Looks awsome.
Thank you Jade

[quote name='Brigitte Fitzgerald' timestamp='1294698226' post='43437']
:excited: i love it so much!!!
Thank you sweetie

[quote name='Badab' timestamp='1294699745' post='43472']
It´s amazing what you can do.

The target you wanted to reach, is totally reached. I like it.
aww thanks a lot

[quote name='tangled.' timestamp='1294712708' post='43603']
gorgeous!! and good luck with your exams if they are still going on!! :)
Thank you hun, and I have one exam left


Hello, I still haven't made anything. My brain is dead and it will take sometime to make it work again.
For now I made a process gif for my last wallpaper Frisky ft. Emma Watson


I might worked with layers in a different order but that the order I have in my PSD
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