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The Hp Picture Battle Thread

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Jon and I have decided to make two threads for a game called "Picture Wars".


All you need to do is post pictures, from the Harry Potter films, of your ship.



~ Pictures can be real, or fanart (manipulations/fakes), but do try to post the fanart sparingly. We don't really want an overload of fake pictures to support your ship.


~ This particular thread is for characters other than Harry, Ron and Hermione. So Luna, Ginny etc. If you would like to play for R/Hr and H/Hr, check out The R/Hr, H/Hr Picture Battle Thread.


~ Please resize your pictures if possible. They don't need to be giant.




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YAY! :lol: Great picture vida!


I always kinda liked Winky and Dobby together. Ofc, the movies won't have any pictures of that. <_<


This is a somewhat sad, but still cute, fanart picture of Winky and Dobby that I came across.


My link

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