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In Topic: Breastfeeding in Public

21 January 2012 - 01:51 AM

If she is coveed up I have no problem. I mean telling a woman to go and sit on the toilet to breastfeed is both inconvinient and unsanitary. I mean if the woman is covered up she's not exposing herself and therefore is doing nothing wrong. If someone else has a problem with it then that is them being immatureand they can leave if it bothers them so much and not the woman's problem. Thankfully most public places at least there I live have a designated area in the woman's bathroom area with a nice seating area where woman can care for their children. But in a park situation when a mother has a baby and a young child or two playing in the playground woud you expect her to leave her children to go feed the baby or make the other children wait with her I'm the bathroom. Its not practical in most situations.

In Topic: Which film does Emma really show off her acting abilities?

06 August 2011 - 05:48 AM

its a toss up for me between DH part 1 & 2 I think in those movies she really showed that she really can act. It was the first time I was truely impressed by her acting.

In Topic: What are you watching right now?

06 May 2011 - 02:27 AM

shake it up

In Topic: Homosexuality and Religion.

26 April 2011 - 01:05 AM

I take homosexuality the same way I do other things I done agree with like being apart of another religion, political differences, differences in ideas of smoking drinking ect. I don't agree with it, and nothing will change that part of me but I don't allow for it to change my perception of the person. I still love them as I would all my other friends or family we would just agree to disagree. Does that makes sense?

Anyways what God has to say about it is that homosexuality is wrong, no if ands or buts around it. But so are things that everyone does no matter what their orientation such as lying or stealing ect. And God views all sin as equal so in Gods eyes we are no better than each other. We are all sinners we all have sins that we struggle with and we will all die still sinning on a regular basis. But when Jesus was sent to die on the cross he died for everyones sins including homosexuals sins because he loves us. So while God may say that homosexuality is wrong it doesn't mean that he hates all gay people. I feel that this idea has been screwed with too much by both Christians and non-Christians alike. As Christians we are called to love all, and encourage all in the way of Christ. Sometimes because Christians are sinners as well some are well jerks when it comes to different things and it annoys me as much as it annoys the next person because that is not following in Jesus' example at all. We are told not to judge others and to keep ourselves pure and leave all the judgement to God. I'm sorry if any Christian has ever hurt you or someone you know based on sexual orientation, I just hope you will realize that is was the Christian who was in the wrong and acting like that is not following the Bible.

In Topic: The Dumbest Rumors

20 April 2011 - 09:40 PM

IDK I wouldn't be surprised of all those dating rumors were true (minus Alex of course), maybe not all of them but some of them. I'm not saying full on relationship but maybe one or two dates. I'm not saying that everything the daily mail says about emma is true (obviously most of it isn't) I'm just saying that its not out of the realm or possibility. NowI do think a true boyfriend, girl friend relationship is ridiculous with any of the mentioned people.